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  1. Question - do mobs that are hit by the banner attack paladin? If so - how safe is this skill in areas like Norlant or High difficulty towers? Also what is the cooldown time and is it affected by skill level?
  2. sorry but no. it should be "may at a very low probability bring valuable bounty as oposed to completely useless crap at high probability". Not saying every run should give the best items... but you can at least improve the quality of the worst items... Running heroic for spheres or potions is like using your forehead to fasten a nail in a brick wall.
  3. To be honest it looks like BD skill is in a way very parallel to Barb heal Extra HP - BD get it temporarily as a shield on top of HP barbs get it as instant heal. BD coolown is shorter but barb also get an extra damage increase in their skill. BD shield depends on defense stats, Barb shield depends on HP. Each has its ups and downs but the added value and usage is pretty much the same. ~750 heal on my barb ~820 shield on BD. Barb damage increase is sweet but not much to count for... like 20-30 damage? up to your normal damage i guess. BD shield is temporary vs barb perm
  4. I think that everything else in WS its a mater of taste and (for now at least) choice Shield (magic transformation) is better when going against offence/melee classes. And when tanking bosses. Rush is better when fighting healer/lock/ranged classes (exactly as Raislin explained before). Rush - More offense. Offense is the best defense! If for you BD is all about offense you are a rush man! Magic Transform - More Defense. Beat your enemy by wearing them out. Take them down one poke at a time! If a BD is a tank with an extra stick for you, you're a shield man! And ofc anyt
  5. Shtaksiom

    Druids op

    What is kitin?? Also against melee its kind of a first one to pull out the guns wins. If i manage to hit a first stun hit on Druid i can maim them so bad before they root me that the second pull is enough to finish them - unless they run away from the fight completely. Of course its also up to who and how and "Pah-Lease give me a crit hit when they expect it least"
  6. How about fixing priest skill? Since nerf EVERY mob resists it 99% of the time, not only bosses. It became bloody useless in pve. Can you make it depend on mob hp amount, the more hp the more likely to resist? Or at least have the decency to send priests a gift reset book in the mail :blush:
  7. Want some cheese to go with that whine? ;D Anyway whiners aside. New skill is kind of a must against rogues now for blade dancers. Without some extra defense BD won't stand a real chance against offensive builds. They're doing 200-300 damage with 3 sec cooldown on top of their other attacks (and still ♥♥♥♥♥ing about elf skills) , kind of BS and i'd also prefer an attack skill but i guess BDs are pushed back abnd back from offense into defense. Until now shield depended on Def and Res. Was about 10 points per rach def at level 1 30 points at level 3. Ofc high amped BDs got way
  8. Seems fair ::) priest skill was obviously over the top when it came to boss fights. If i understand right it will simply be low success chance to hit boss with? Great thanks.. No more trolls messing up with Norlant quest givers Could we have some more details of that does that mean? How will it work differently from before?
  9. i think that axes suffer the most from low amp and daggers the leat The lower the amp the better it is to use small fast weapon
  10. YES! :clapping: One of my favorite builds :) these weapons and arena belt, gloves and boots. KW mask and vest. May not be full tank but sooo deadly its just too sexy
  11. I like mixing 2-3 arena pieces with 2 DD/KW pieces DD when i need more defense, KW when i am on the offensive. You get fair resil which is goof against other players, and you get the extra stat bonuses from the sets. What now - the BD shield seems to depend on the defense stat (the more defense the more damage shield absorbs) so the DD defense bonus is helping.
  12. For max damage in a single attack ofc 2 axes. But in reality i'd take a dagger or good stat sword in second weapon slot - 60% damage really lowers the differences and increases your DPS. main slot - an axe or a sword depending on stats. I believe in high stats and good dps more than in single hit damage. I'd say with level 13 weapon best combo would be a gladius and dagger. At level 18 axe of doom and dagger of doom or arena. At level 20.... well lets see what new weapons bring us.
  13. Great update but i am not sure about the new skills... I mean - you cardinally change the orientation of some classes with those skills. Not speaking balance wise but the idea itself of what a class orientation changes. Second AOE attack for DK? DK is becoming less a tank more an assault damager/fighter.. Shield for BD? I'd expect the BD to get an extra attack - i mean BDs on high levels becoming less and less fighter and more and more support class. Yet ANOTHER damage attack for rogue? come on! coupled with stealth they are just way too deadly :( Some classes skills feel
  14. The event costume is good looking and fairly easy to get, thank you very much :) really awesome gesture
  15. Ever since the magic types were combined into one and people got easy significant magic resists i feel my mage is a complete underdog. On one hand i have a lot of Area of Effect damage spells, on the other hand they are weak and don't compete with physical damagers ability to (for lack of a better description) screw me over in 5 seconds. With warlock it didn't affect that much because they have lock and fear spells that compensate as a defence spell, but mage has only one defense and it doesnt' really work as good. Only thing i can still do is run away like a little girl with the use of
  16. I'd go with build 2 but it mostly depends on your use of rush. Basic functionality of simply chasing down someone or unveiling hidden rogues works without leveling the skill so if thats all you need from rush no point leveling it. The leveling increases your chance to actually stun. At level 1/4 i never saw a stun from it, at level 3/4 it works almost half the times. Of course you need to use it right and know the limitations. The thing is even with slightest lag rush will simply miss the target if its not 100% stationary. So its very hard to put to a good use. What i found
  17. Everyone ♥♥♥♥♥ing like little girls about new be skill. But forget some important points. 1. Mc always had opp long stuns blind,fear + quake,circle 2. BD skill appears only on high level and has low success rate 3. This is the only skill be has that stands out on a mass fight Fact is ranged classes of equal strength still have a huge advantage on bd. I win bds easy with my shaman still. And while fear or blind can send an enemy into a swarm of hostile NPC, bd skill causes NPC to attack him. The new skill only really seems op in 1x1 about 40% of the times when it works.
  18. Need some advice guys I tried using sword and mace on DK and it still seem like death knight attacks are sssslow or lagging. Exhalation of darkness seems to significantly slow down the next attack when its used. Thorns ends up in my victim ALWAYS landing a first crippling attack on me before i get to pounding them. Really need some advise if there is a way to make death knight bit less of a slow poke.
  19. I am guessing light armor? also how much hit did your offensive skills take? And finally - parry vs ranged attacks - unless i am mistaking it doesn't do anything? My BD main weakness is ranged fighters, in melee i hold my own.
  20. Rogue new skill is really strong double damage. BUT take into consideration that its more or less one hit kill or death for them. Unless you are significantly weaker than the rogue you fight. The rogue can inflict high damage on first attack but then the BD has the advantage in the longer term fight. If the rogue fails to do any significant damage with they first charge they are pretty much dead against a blade dancer. Not sure how mage classes fair against that attack, i am guessing they have 3-4 seconds to respond or die.
  21. Every class has strength and weakness, ranged lock classes are a BDs nightmate :wacko: What i found helpful is blindside them while they're on cooldown: First of all - forget parry - its useless against them. if you have dodge runes put THAT on your swords. Shaman blind increases dodge and with enough dodge you can use their own blind to your advantage. Second - if its not in duel - hang around mobs - Warlock and shaman's spells are AOE and it will attract mobs to them if they hit them while targeting you, - this can make a big difference. As to the fight itself.. If you are
  22. its mostly up to your style and common opponents. On my BD i sacrifice acc for crit hits. It is true i miss often lowering my DPS, but it is worth it when a sudden crit strike cripples your opponent so bad and so fast they don't have time to recover. Its a gamble that can pay of great or push you to your grave ;) As far as penetration goes, for me its roughly 5 more damage per 1%. I tried pen echanted rings but went back to energy restore enchantment real fast. I prefer being able to hold up a longer fight. I wouldn't sacrifice acc or crit for penetration. Penetration benefit
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