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Crafting Lvl 20 Xbow

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We need Expedition Lockbow for Lvl 20 Deep Lords Crossbow. I made lvl 13 Oak bow. Upgraded. I get shitty Expedition Bow. I craft a lvl15 solid crossbow. Turns into Precison Lockbow. Does ANYONE know how to make Expedition Lockbow? Devs can yoi see if you even implemented  it? Energy Catalysts are stupid overpriced. Devs wanna put everything in the market but these. At this point,  750k+ gold later and still nothing. Any ideas?

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For the record i was reading at russian tavern or i dont remember where 2days ago and i saw that picture of the lvl20 crossbow with 4 stats but something wrong about it, the enchant in it is not rare enchanted its blue enchanted, also russian player asked snorly why lvl20 crossbow 4stats pink has same enchant as a lvl20 3stats blue, snorlax said its a bug and they will fix it later, its not only about the enchant, its about the damage its low, it sohuld be higher for a rare pink weapon lvl20 cbow, in other cases idk when they gona fix the stats bug for the lvl20 cb but still the bow now is not bugged n better than the cbow  ;D

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Well, I took a look into it. Apparently it is a bug, or error on their part. They are planning to fix it, but I dont know when.


also, "deep lord" is supposed to mean "underground ruler", or "Underlord" Im guessing ;D

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