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an update idea for dealer

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Ok so i think im not the only one to think this but you should add the sellers name so we buyers can see whos selling what in dealer so if we wish to pm them about it and work some deals i think names in dealer like on arcane legends would be cool Just an idea keep up the great work guys

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When you open the forum you can see the "Suggestions" section.


Lol no i bookmarked eu-emerald so when i open forum im right in my server


If sellers want to be "haggled", they will take their sale to trade chat.




True but if people are to lazy to try and sell in trade chat... think about that

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What about if the player wants to show his name he can do that & if not he can do that also.


Another idea also, when a player deposit an item he can control to which character the gold will go after the item get bought(the character can be any player from the deposited side).
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