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New Suggestions Skill for Rogue


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Hello everyone,


I'm here will suggest new rogue's skill to give him more SURVIVABILITY with the detail:


Rogue blink to any specified direction within 4 yards.

After rogue blink, he will stealth and leave the copy of him in the first place rogue use this skill. (The copy attack the enemy near him with auto attack only).

If the player click the skill button for one more time (before the stealth is over), rogue back to his copy and stun & dealing damage near him.

After successfully stun any enemy, rogue will immune from any CC and he can use stealth skill.


Detail of skill develops:

  • Stealth Duration & Copy Duration--> 3s/4s/5s/6s.
  • Stun Duration --> 0.5s/1s/1.5s/2s.
  • Immune from CC Duration --> 2s/2s/3s/4s.
  • Stun Damage --> 30%/40%/50%/60% from the player's base damage.
  • Copy of Him will have --> 15%/20%/25%/30% from the player's stats (health, defence, damage)


So in this case this skill can be used twice before the stealth duration is over.

         -------- Inspired from Hayabusa & Kagura --------

OK this is only my suggestion, feel free to critics and feedback. I hope devs dan rogues player will interested with this skill suggestion.



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