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Created a history!!


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:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Опубликованное фото


:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:  See just 3 ppl knockedout tht elf king. So better dont mess with us 8) :dirol:

OMG!! We killed TRANNOR.  :yahoo: :yahoo: .Next is Sayton :diablo: . Thanx to Basics and Malware :drinks:

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yea finnaly mc could do something now....elfs did this from 0.7.0 lol..congrats dude:)


if thats the case then it sounds like elfs have almost always had the upper hand. seems pretty fair then that the devs hooked up mc with the last update. ive also noticed elves dont hang around mc territory as much now too.
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