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The new Christmas event upgraded(complete version)

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The new Christmas event upgraded! (Full suggestion)

The return of  the Ice Kingdom.



This suggestion will reduced the inequalities between range classes and melee classes in the game.

I believe this suggestion will solve the problem.

I chose to remain this suggestion in docx format so the devs/admins will read it carefully and also to prevent non-professional people/ players who only spam comments without thinking.

I will send the password of the zip file to filter the spammers.

Please devs let me send you the password to the file so you can read my full suggestions.

I am tired of answering people who always criticized my suggestion without any basis.

To all players who is interested to read the full suggestion please pm me I will give you the password.


So let’s start.



First there will be two Main bosses. The first one is the Ice King and the second one is the Ice Queen.

The first boss is the Ice Queen.

·        She is a Melee type boss.

·        There are no traps set in her area.

·        Her HP is 1500000. Or 1.5 million.

·        She has mobs on her area, at total of 5 warriors with 5k hp each.

·        The Ice princess is with her who has a powerful skill of healing and support she acts as the minion of Ice Queen.

·        Her weapon is a spear.




Now we will talk about the Ice princess.

She is the daughter of Ice Queen and Ice King her weapon is a staff that can give a mass healing and powerful barrier. Her Hp is 100k.

Ice Princess Skills:

·        Mass Healing = This skill has the ability to heal the Ice Queen and the mobs around the Ice Queen as long as the mobs are inside the affected area of the skill. The area affected by the skill is same as the Paladin’s Aura. All the allies inside the affected area in the Aura will received the heal.

·        Ice Barrier = This skill is a powerful barrier that shields Ice Queen and absorbs any damage from the enemy. ( Just like priest and necro shield.)




The second is Ice King

·        He is a range class boss.

·        There are traps set in his area just like sam hain’s traps.

·        His hp is 1200000 or 1.2 million

·        There are no mobs in his area.

·        The Ice Price acts as the minion of the Ice King. Ice Prince uses a bow as a weapon and he possess high level skills.

·        His weapon is Scepter.


Now we will talk about the Ice prince.

He is the elder brother of Ice princess and a great warrior. He use Bow as a weapon. His Hp is 100k.

Ice Prince Skills.

Mirage Arrow = This skill will give a high a damage and stun effect to the enemy.

Storm Arrow = This skill is simply a multi – arrow attack. It’s like a Dark Circle and all of the enemies inside of it will receive damage cause of raining arrows inside the circle.






The Ice castle

The Ice castle is going to be the new place to hunt the two bosses the mechanics is simple and easy to understand.

·        First you need to take the quest in the new Map.

·        Second take the quest.

·        Third kill four small bosses to get caps.

·        Fourth you will receive a door key.

·        Fifth you will choose what chamber you will open, its either the Ice Queen’s Chamber or the Ice King’s chamber. Once you use your door key, the four Caps will be gone and you need to kill either the Ice King or Queen to get the reward chest.

50% chance of rate for the Ice King’s Chest and 35% of chance for the Ice Queen’s chest.




The Ice Princess can drop costume if killed.

The Ice Prince can drop costume if killed.

The four mini- boss will drop costume if killed.



Well I want to make this clear; in order to kill the boss faster, there must be at least 2 parties killing the boss, so the main party can kill the boss while the others party can kill the Ice Prince or Princess to get costumes from their corpse. In other words drop.




This might be my last suggestion for this game. I am checking for new game now because warspear is now losing its value as the best mmorpg.

*Many players chose to quit because of many issues such as Imbalance skills.

*Tournament is monopolized by only few people because abused used of tickets in Arena. There is no equality at all. (Before I try to suggest a alternative way of earning guild points and many of the players agreed on it, but as of now there is still no response.)

*You made the first ever useless item in Arinar which is the Lifesteal items.

Many of the people said that I miscalculated the percentage when I bought those items, but the real thing is I bought it even I have an estimated percentage of those items. I only thought that " JUST LIKE HOW YOU CHANGED THE PARAMETER OF THE LVL 18 AMULETS FROM 3 PARAMETERS TO 4 PARAMETERS, you will also change the percentage of the other lifesteal items. For sure you are all intelligent people to noticed that the 3 parameter lvl 18 amulet will be less useful or should I say useless. My question here is: If you noticed that parameters of the lvl 18 amulet is not enough then "WHY YOU CANT SEE THAT THE PERCENTAGE OF LIFESTEAL ITEMS IS ALSO NOT ENOUGH?

*Minions is still a consumable item. ( I don't get it, many players from this game would love to have a permanent minion rather than having consumable scrolls, well almost all of the details from my minion suggestion is similar such as : minions should be moving and using their skills automatically. they will follow you anywhere. the concept of healing/support, defense, and attack type minions is also similar. but the only difference is in my suggestion there should be a "PERMANENT MINION"

Well anyways thanks for giving back the demonologist. In one of my suggestions I asked Demo to be back so more people can hunt it again. Atleast you did that thing for us, thank you.


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Didn't bother reading the whole thing, but i read the info about bosses and such. I liked that mobs have skills, could be a good thing for developers to think about in future updates but they have probably almost finished (or they have already finished ) the Christmas update and are going to release it soon so too late for that. (Well IF they release anything fancy but i think it's likely to happen.)

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