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Tips: How to get help?

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I noticed a lot of players who seemed not to know what is the best tactic to get help with difficult quests / minibosses and bosses.

Of course this wont work with all players because everybody is different.

Just a few tips for making it easier and probably quicker to find the needed help.


- Keep inviting people in party, thats is very annoying if they are questing or doing something else.

- Only saying "help"


- Be clear in what you want, say "need help with.... " Is it a miniboss? A red boss? How much HP he has? It is difficult to help with someone you dont know what you need to do. One of my chars is a lock, i cant kill a boss on my own, no matter how high or low amped someone is, for bosses most of the time you need a party. That is something different then a miniboss which is more easy to kill.

- Invite only after the player said he/she can help you.

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