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Balance Changes on Classes and Skills

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I see very many people complaining about the inequality that's persisted for a long time now between the classes of mc side and elf side. Many people (including me) feel like elf classes are very overpowered when compared to their mc equivalent, e.g. rangers being the best damager in the game, warden being the best tank and BD being the best... everything? I mean what even is that class at this point, tank? damage? lol. Anyway, to come to my main question: Is there people hired at Aigrind that specifically do the balance changes for skills/classes? If not, it would maybe be something to think about and I believe many people will agree with this. I think the frequency of balance changes regarding this could also be upped by A LOT. This may also help the problem that there's obviously way more people playing on elf side at this point than on mc side.

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25 минут назад, Топхил сказал:

You have forget whe have  Druid the best healer in the game :3.

I see Warpsear have problems with classes balans because many of damager and tanks don't need the healer class why she have vampirism and warden have mmmm Master Bloka :3.

Nice translate:smile:

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Well i think maybe call skill have a system like chaos help, can summon it on user/ not on random place. Or the new skill maybe it's better use every 10 secs or 15 for make dogs atacks the minions(just in case you are dooing a quest alone,like me) i see very useful because some times are the mobs the problem. Not the boss. Exactly how work now but less cd. It's me opinion...... 😓

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