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This message is for Katrina, the abandoned girlfriend.


I know that the Baron abandoned you in the previous event, the horror event is the most important and it is only once a year. Now that the baron had been reborn, perhaps he wanted to take advantage of this time to taste something different, to meet other women like the nocturnal, the wickedora, and some others.


But after meeting other women and talking and spending time with them, he realized that without you no mission and no dungeon are the same, at that time for the Baron it was clear and he knew that having a Katrina to love was his gift .


 The baron gave me advice and said the following; Value to whom you dedicate your attention, because everyone can give you time, but without attention, that time will have no value ... destiny will put many women in your life, but only those who were sincere will stay.


Friends followers! So I want to ask you a favor when you see Katrina, tell her that I want to apologize to her for abandoning her ... give her this message of mine. and the baron told me the following:

 Katrina, I ask you to forgive me for abandoning you, I am already dead and I am only reborn once a year in the horror event, at this moment I am the most important of the event and I forget about you and how happy you made me. I was so blind and happy about life that if I didn't enjoy the event I felt like I was going to die again, but even if I'm alive or dead, never forget that I love you.


Katrina, if the baron only loves you, you shouldn't worry about those who love him. The baron told me that he misses you and that he wants to spend the rest of his horror events at your side and that he will never leave you again, he told me that having you to love was his gift and that with love all your kisses have flavor. He wishes that in this upcoming horror circus event, the two of them together can give incredible prizes and surprises to all warpear players, making the horror event of the year 2020 the most

extraordinary and surprising of all time.






PD; I thought about not participating ... but since the previous horror event I was saddened to see that Katrina was abandoned ... so I decided to write about it and make Katrina happy again, luck for all of you enjoy reading them.


By; Followeers


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