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Sam Hein's untold life (Jcbreff, Eu-Emerald)


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Sam Hein has existed for centuries, perhaps for millenias as an physical embodiment of nightmares and terror and as the ruler of the Veil between different realms although at the time rumor had it that there is other even more powerful manifestation of pure nightmare called the Boogeyman who even Sam is afraid of because if it ever formed into physical creature it could overtake him as the ruler.


Sam was searching for something that would repel the Boogeyman for eternity in the Veil but only came across Baron Saturday who gave him a pumpkin head that according to him, would show him the future up until the point Boogeyman escapes and tries to destroy Sam.


After hearing this, Sam wants to avoid it so he takes the helmet. After seeing different events unfold and a way to trap Boogeyman he managed use it to trap Boogeyman by powerful magic in the Veil and until two fortresses near Maliat and Tlaskoe would be breached and magical seals on their doors broken Boogeyman would remain trapped. Relieved, Sam left the Veil but as he was almost out of there he had another vision that those fortresses would be breached after 10 years of war of the spear which he know would start if Garahan tries to take the War Spear from God’s grove protected by Nuadu and Harad.


He also saw that if nothing is done war will start and go on and eventually Boogeyman will escape and come after him. Sam tries to trick Garahan so he wouldn’t try to take the spear. He warns Harad and Nuadu to move the spear but he didn't know that the spear is one with the very land of Arinar and will shatter if anyone ever tries to move it. Harad and Nuadu however know this and they know that Sam cannot delay Garahan forever so they start to gather massive army for one final confrontation to stop the dragon once and for all.


Sam travels to dragon’s lair with all his servants he has acquired from the Veil between the worlds including powerful elementals, demons and a dragon demigod who is the offspring of Garahan himself and orders them to hold the dragon on place until the spear should have been moved. His servants are able to hold the dragon because of their sheer numbers and mass but the power of the god is too for them and they eventually became cursed and turned against Sam and rest of his armies.


Cursed creatures morphed into unsightly beasts and demons of immense power that would later roam the many deepest and most dangerous places of Arinar: Norlant swamps, Ayvondil and Astral realm. Sam was forced to retreat to save his own life and as soon as he got far enough he counted casualties and saw that the most powerful of his servants had fallen or corrupted to the dragon god. Sam wondered why his helmet hadn’t shown him this future when he hears the voice of Baron Saturday from beyond the mortal world that told him that helmet would only show him the future when in the Veil and Baron, as the gatekeeper had shut the border between them down so Sam wasn't able to fully access it, he was only able to enter the border so he would be hidden from the mortal realm and also from the creatures in the Veil. Sam didn't know why baron would do that so Sam would have to get back in there in order to force Baron to speak


Filled with rage Garahan decided to launch an attack to God’s grove and take the spear to destroy Sam and the Veil for good. Garahan and his new corruptions were strong but Nuadu and Harad had time to prepare and were able to defeat the dragon and seal in it cave so far away from everything they thought it would remain undisturbed forever but little did they know about Orin and his obsession with the dragon’s power to corrupt any living being.


Sam had seen this all unfold previously but had thought he would be able to stop it and because of that he didnt tell anyone that there would be war that would eventually result in the spirits of every creation of every god to become part of the Veil and give power to whoever is the lord of the Veil at that point. Sam didn’t want this to happen because the more powerful he became the more powerful Boogeyman would become if it ever got him.


When the war had been raging for over four years alliances found the Valaria’s stone from ruined statue in the ancient land of Norlant Swamps and at the same time released powerful magical spirit that allowed Sam to summon weaker forms of his old companions that had been corrupted by the dragon all those years ago. Sam knew that they could travel in the Veil and help him find Baron Saturday lure him to face Sam and defeat him to allow Sam's travel from the mortal realm. Sam knew however, that searching the Veil would make spooky and scary atmosphere to the nearby lands so he came up with new holiday which he called halloween and created the Horror Circus to mask it so that no one would suspect anything and he could have everyone search in peace.


Leader’s of both alliances were scared by everything that came from Circus even though Sam explained that it was harmless and so they sent their best troops to investigate. Sam tried to stop them but year after year his minions were defeated because they werent in full strength.


During the first year Demonologist, Avenger, Beholder and Snorlar all fell to combined power of the alliances and even Sam was using his powers for searching so he was defeated too but the manifestation of terror and nightmares wouldn’t fall so easily. Next year he tried to slow adventurers down by being friendly to them and had summoned one of his most powerdul servants, the Joker to do searching for him because without the Veil he wasn’t at maximum power. That plan also failed and Joker was defeated. Third year his plans failed again and this time his most trustworthy general, Valdemar was defeated. During the following year fortresses in Ayvondil were breached and Boogeyman was free to come after Sam once again.


Sam finally realized that the future shown to him in the Veil by his helmet was inevitable and that Boogeyman would find him and his vision had ended when he saw members of both alliances entering to confront Boogeyman. He then knew that he would have to help alliances so they would in turn save him from the Boogeyman.


Sam went to Snowy Boundaries and Spring Isle in disguise and helped others and at the same time changed their minds about him by spreading positive stories and lies about how we wasnt really evil even though he tried to kill people during the first Median night.


Eventually october came and Sam felt that the Boogeyman was about to find him and put him into endless nightmare so he sent his trusty helper Barker to get help from every corner of Arinar. Sam’s vision came to true and he was trapped inside his own horrifying nightmare until heroes of Arinar defeated Boogeyman and freed Sam. At that point Sam realized that all those years ago Baron Saturday had tricked him into seeing the world as the Baron wanted it to be and somehow by trying to avoid it Sam had just made it became reality so from that point on he would do everything to find Baron and defeat him with the help of adventurers.


It would take one more year for Sam to find how to get to Baron with the help of the stone head of the giant lord Hrungir and it’s extremely limited consciousness. But it would take another year to prepare for facing Baron Saturday and defeat him so Sam could travel freely between the Veil and mortal realm. After that Sam went to rest in the Veil and loon for the spirit of Baron there so he could have his answers and Sam Heim hasn't been seen since. Some have speculated that Baron wanted Sam to perish in the mortal world so he would become the new leader but we can't know for sure until Sam returns and reports on what he has found



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11 minutes ago, Ушок said:


I do not understand why the Boogeyman is hunting Sema and wants to destroy him?


i'm not sure if we got the reason in 2017 or 2018 when boogeyman was the main boss

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