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New Weapon Suggestion: Magic Gun


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Obs: They would drop in Technopolis onwards.


Magic Gun:

A weapon that needs magic to function. When used, it shoots bullets of pure magic.

Two-Handed Weapon.


Grey type:*

Magical Damage only.

Green type:*

Magical Damage and Attack Speed.

Blue type:*

MDMG, Atk Spd and Penetration.

Purple Type:

MDMG, Atk Spd, Pene and Crit.


*Of course it's just an idea, as there would be no Magic Guns of these types.


Using Lv 30 weapons stats as example:

207 MDMG.

8% Atk Spd

8% Critical Hit

6.5% Penetration


3.1 Base Atk Spd


What classes would use it:

Mage and Warlock


How they would benefit from these weapons:



With 4/4 Dragon Eye buff, can reach cool Atk Spd levels, like 60%.

Why not a Machine Gun Mage? xD



With Atk Spd on gloves, boots and breastplate, we can reach 25% Atk Spd.

Now with 800 MDMG + 25% of Relaxation, we reach 1K of DMG with 38% Atk Spd.




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2 hours ago, yinglun said:

I think pala can also use it

Well, i was thinking about a Magic Damager-exclusive weapon

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