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Charmer's Skill Suggestion: Shadow Summons

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Shadow Summons

Type: Passive

The skill's effects change depending on the weapon used.

When using a Mace/Spear*, the skill becomes Shadow Bite.

When using a Staff, the skill becomes Shadow Feathers.

*My dream


Shadow Bite:

The Wolf of Darkness will do a stronger attack that deals 70-80-90-100% extra damage every 6th-5th-4th-3rd** hits.

Obs: It can't crit (because is already a critical hit in 4/4).


**Considering that Call is 5/5:

6 hits = 2 Shadow Bites.

5 hits = 3 Shadow Bites

4 hits = 3 Shadow Bites.

3 hits = 5 Shadow Bites.


Because the Wolf's attack speed is 2.0s and it lives 30s in 5/5. 

Now imagine with relics and the new skill :vp-hehe:


Shadow Feathers:

The Chaos Bird's attack becomes ranged. Its range per level is 2 (meelee + 1 meter) - 3 - 4 - 5*** meters.

***This is basically the range of almost all ranged skills

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