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The tale of Gunther Rice,a scientist day,an old memories decay

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"Orin's army is coming!" these are the words I always wake up with,every morning, I just can't get those memories out of my head, I usually end up having a conversation with my self till the new sample of forsaken's ooze gets brought to me to continue my studies on it.


My job is providing the sentiels army with sophisticated plans of weapons capable of slaying the undead, I can't but to underrate this job comparing it to the knight who risk it all at battle field, But, No knight was there that day...


As gunther was diving into his dark memories which ruined most of his nights with nightmares, He slowly turned his eyes into the picture of his family saying "when will I understand you, What force would make a defenceless woman lock her family and give her self to the blood thirsty damned, If I just didn't teach you how to make that hypnotic".


As he was falling more and more into his past, Gunther moved his looks into the flag of sentiels, His eyes danced over the flag's golden lines "Where was all the faithfull sentiels when the slaughter happened" He said in a calm sad voice.


"I will never figure it out,despite all my warnings,both of her sons joined the sentiels army knowing they were going to confront thier mother's same fate,all left me alone in deep sorrow,they say Harad tests his sons with such a tragedies,how ironic." He said.


"My sister had faith in you and your science to make change in this world, And return Arinar to its former peace and harmony" A warm voice filled the room, Gunterm woke from his remembrance as he heard Martha's words and quickly turned his eyes and realized that Martha was standing near the door with the new sample the whole time.


"And they never left you alone, As long as there are faithfull sentiels out there, You won't be alone, All sentiels are one family, My sister's sacrafice came from her strong faith in you and all the sentiels" With these words rung in Gunther's ears, A tear fallen from his eyes as thought to his self "This is the same faith her sister had, With the same magic in turning sorrowfull moments into moments of joy, Harad bless this faith" .


At once, As he collected his self from the past, He took the sample from Martha with a smile and began a new test with  good faith that he might change something in this war.


Spacial thanks goes for SNP for giving me the characters names.

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@teozantyn Sorry, I made the original post with a nine-digit nokia phone, I just edited it with PC

@SNP Hahaha ;D Now I know I added alot of shades and mystries about Gunther's life, For the fantasy touch, But how did you understand it this way ;D ?

The original idea was that Martha was his wife's mother,but after thinking,she is not that old,she would suite the wife's sister better.


You don't want me to explain the story directly, That would ruin the "fantasy touch", But here is an explaination just for you =)  :


Gunther was born before the war for the spear, He was always a man of logic while his wife was the different, When the war started and Orin's army reached his village, She gave him a hypnotic and locked him and thier two sons in the basement and stayed out so the forsaken don't search further more into the house and assume only her in the house, A slaughter happened in that village, None of the sentiels army was there that day, Years later his two sons joined the sentiels army despite all his warnings to them, Now he changed, He had a side fulled with feelings and believing in faith and such a stuff, How ever that side is always represented as his wife when ever he has a mental fight with his self, Martha is his wife's sister (originaly mother ;D ) and she is who usually wakes him from his remembrance with new samples of forsaken's cursed blood to make experiments with and figure out more of its mystries..and weaknesses.


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Maybe I did read it to fast. I read almost every story, cuz, you know, I like stories :blush:

Beautiful is the word for the stories in this contest (95% of them) :give_rose:

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