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  1. Just realised it My foot made me forget to post the pic ;D .
  2. An advice Never step on a nail after 8 hours of working or you will end up with a third eye in your foot.
  3. I see that everything has broken into a fight here,a little calm would help folks. @Horizon You don't seem like a bad person,maybe you should pull your self out of this whole cyper thingy, an advice from a girl to another,from all the posts I basicly saw one which shows true friendly advice, rafa9876's post sums up what people who care about you see,You are doing something wronge. @rafa9876 Would you ask admin to remove the numbers from your name mate? they are so annoying =).
  4. I wonder why do I find Xheroghost spamming,flaming,starting fights and writing perv crap when ever I read this topic Is he really Iraqy? if all Iraqies were fucktards like him no wonder people have wars with them.
  5. This story basicly has it all A rich plot with a lesson behind it, a bit of fantasy with accepted humour, a creative way of telling the story and not to mention the used "fluffy" words which perfectly suits the story's character of a bunny, Are you considering to be a writer?!
  6. I want to see screenshots, Not kids fighting.
  7. Great story! I like the "Gamer" style of writing, Keap it up mate.
  8. @teozantyn Sorry, I made the original post with a nine-digit nokia phone, I just edited it with PC @SNP Hahaha ;D Now I know I added alot of shades and mystries about Gunther's life, For the fantasy touch, But how did you understand it this way ;D ? The original idea was that Martha was his wife's mother,but after thinking,she is not that old,she would suite the wife's sister better. You don't want me to explain the story directly, That would ruin the "fantasy touch", But here is an explaination just for you =) : Gunther was born before the war for the spear, He was always a m
  9. "Orin's army is coming!" these are the words I always wake up with,every morning, I just can't get those memories out of my head, I usually end up having a conversation with my self till the new sample of forsaken's ooze gets brought to me to continue my studies on it. My job is providing the sentiels army with sophisticated plans of weapons capable of slaying the undead, I can't but to underrate this job comparing it to the knight who risk it all at battle field, But, No knight was there that day... As gunther was diving into his dark memories which ruined most of his nights with ni
  10. Thanks! and yes,it is for the contest,I don't have time to check it my self,I know I will get hooked to warspear if I play once again ;D ,but I'm a huge fan of writing,and sorry for double post,I reported admin to delete it.
  11. I know it seems like a stupid question,and you wonder why not look it up my self,well I have my own reasons and I might tell you after you answer me =),what is the name of the scientist NPC in the lab in magic acadimy in oltgard?you know,the one with experiments' tools and tubes around him,thanks for who ever bring me his name.
  12. I know it seems like a stupid question,and you wonder why not look it up my self,well I have my own reasons and I might tell you after you answer me =),what is the name of the scientist NPC in the lab in magic acadimy in oltgard?you know,the one with experiments' tools and tubes around him,thanks for who ever bring me his name.
  13. Oldest ones I know are Knox,Chocola and Revendark,these are both old and cool,I don't know in legion side but sulla seem like an old player,and if myth was her shaman then a fast killer too.
  14. Hahaha ;D So you want to change into a male? I wish if Lordyasir had a forum account,He was a "fan" of yours =).
  15. I might have a solution,not sure if it would please everyone,mages' chain push enemy 1tile to 4tiles even at level5,why not add luck factor to dark circle too?level5 dark shield is useless for an unlucky death knight,level5 chain is useless for an unlucky mage,level5 harad extra hit is useless for an unlucky priest(can't remember details,but I recall priests having some luck based thing),so make level 5 dark circle stun enemy 2-5sec based on luck,2sec stun would have low chance(20% maybe?) at level 5 dark circle,developers seem to balance stuff with the luck factor,take blessing for examble.
  16. At the other topic you are basicly saying"I'm not the only one trash talking to him,why point finger at me?",I'm quite sure you realised your mistake there by now,and I said I mas mad in real life,was kind of a try to be the bigger one and pull my self out of this,and your posts in the other topic has no other means but that,instead of what you just said you were just calling him a cryer and waving with your imaginery +11 amp,why don't you go say that to slay his self?trash talking is never a solution,about these ideas being fare,how about make druid bees do 5/3 damage,make heal do 10 more,dou
  17. @Wildhammer Jokking is find,even perv jokes might be fine,but when 2 under ages start sharing porn sights,you know something is getting wronge,is isn't about she being calm or they jokking or not,it is about minding their jokes level for at least other forum users. @Ikaros Thanks! I would of added you a karma too if I knew how =) .
  18. So this topic about elvens and mountain clans?I thought warlocks were forsaken,forgive my low level mind *gives facepalm* ,so you keep trash talking about him till he break down without trying to give him any real talk? I thing I'm kind of getting where Slay real proplem coming from.
  19. Well calm down,maybe I was a bit offensive in the other topic,was in bad mood when logged forum,but since we are talking,you think making those 10 upgrades are fair?she even asked for replacing eye with priest's armistic,weren't you the one who came up with "+10 sentiels can beat +10 warlocks so warlocks are balanced"? if you really thing adding all the changes above is balanced then fine *gives mega facepalm*
  20. @Spanish I meant what you said for slay about crying,and your defence is invalid from begining,mages,priests and paladins don't have the imaginery extra amp you talking about,is it all about the amp for you?
  21. So your proplem is that necromancers are for arena only? you know that priests skill word power does nothing in pve right?and you didn't ask for only half mana cost,you asked for 5/3 current poision damage,you asked for it to lack the need to 2 deadly eye,you asked to replace eye with armistic(that is a second stun for necromancers,and you know armistic makes you unable to attack enemy too and doesn't work on bosses),you want poision to be critable,make skills need less mana,make shield have +50 more damage to take,make skills need 3% health points for heal and shield,you also asked to double
  22. Alicemoon is basicly asking to make necromancers gods or something,why don't you mention nightmare that makes most arenas 2vs1 and make kiting anything very easy? I saw necromancer kiting rangers alot,and you know how ranger is.
  23. @Spanish That wasn't nice you know,why don't you look from +1 view? I'm not saying warlocks inbalanced,but you defend them saying +10 toons beat +10 warlocks? +70% of sentiels use +4 arena weapon you know.
  24. No male,just no. @Ikaros since we are talking about porn,you "ice cream" may have other means.
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