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for all people who ever get scamm bad luck etc


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we should not be afraid even though we are not as strong as before.

although we get an insults and not had a friend friends



but we need to remember the spirit of our we charcther who have fight for us



and why we to leave characther us just because we are bored or because our account is weak



if you are a Legends you will show how your spirit work



and i hope we can meet someday to make warspear being fun for us again

so don't leave game for your char and arinar



but sorry im very bad in eanglish please correct me


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we dont know it but he post he get insult from friend and ignored from developers :facepalm:


he is a hard boy you can read it here http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=78590.420


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lose account? create new or move another game :spiteful:

bad luck in game? but, u still hve big chance of luck in real world :drinks:

this is just game, this is not real world, remember dude, dont sad and cry

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