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  1. GM WON"T BANN HASSN because if they bann hassn they won't have much money like now hassn is the #1 mcoin spammer thats why gm afraid to lost many $
  2. can u guys stop spamm ? make new topic at tavern and u can pamm at that place btw nice one that joker costume
  3. Name of this costume is Winged ghost haahha this costume just added in halloween event or maybe u can make it with 1360 mcoin price :clapping: but i just create the front look
  4. Zain tell he bought his greench from epm guild member Lol i know why u chose epm to be a prove!!!!! Because all epm hate clarra :bomb:
  5. Yes he get because he scam clarra and that equipment is clarra barbarian equipment that she bought it from selling her vampire
  6. i just dont like your fake ss fake chat with fake clarra what you gonna doing now ? but first i wanna see your face inside that mask :shok: oh cruel world so many faggot
  7. so accept our challange ? :facepalm: or you afraid because u make that chat because u have clarra acc now :tease: you are really really big SCAMMER
  8. Try to look at my face, theres no price to pay to say the point is that you want clarra get banned and you get firaun acc thats all :pardon: just prove it :rofl: By the way darkzain scammed clarra and make that chat If she is real clarra she will answer me when is her bday AND IF WRONG OR SHE NO ANSWER I AM RIGHT :) BECAUSE IM HER BEST FRIEND AND HE NEVER HIDE ANYTHING !!!
  9. are you ♥♥♥♥ing kidding me ? omg this is the first time i see loveable scamm :bad: oh cmon who scammer and who get scammed dont hide the truth. guys clarra isnt the owner again HE IS DARKZAIN NOW DARkZAIN SCAMM HER Stop doing noob chat I am not give a free ♥♥♥♥ stop kidding ok. because darkzain scamm clarra and if that was clarra awhy he want clarra get banned :bad: and if that clarra he already know all of your chat with her u will update in forum so why she still want talk with you? and why se tell im scamm zain because of +10 blade dont do a drama we take the logic if darkzain know the identity of firaun gm will back it but if he dont know i dont know what must to do :pardon: and remember we not idiot like you all you wanna go hunt me ? go but remember i dont give a free F3uck ::) btw zain not +10 :facepalm:
  10. you use clara acc to make NOOB chat Btw you only+9 and not +10 :facepalm: stop this joke :drinks:
  11. you scam clarra :rofl: you use clarra account to make this chat :facepalm:
  12. I just Want to Know ;) In My opinion is -Clysc :good: -Nindaime :good: -Lpx :good:
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