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[Suggestion] A vault or inventory


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Not sure if this is already been discussed.

Suggestion to have a vault or inventory or something where we could keep items. You know like the usual games with this feature where you could stock and keep your items and loved and precious items.  ::)





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no more suggestions please, its just going to end up costing more money  ;D ;D



like 200 mcoins for 10slots in bank for 1day but if you forget to take the items back they will delete?  :lol:



Yea agree i dont wanna make more suggestion.. it will become a shit.. all for mcoins  :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad:

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I agree too,more sugestions means more unbalance between rich

player and poor player :facepalm:


theres a guy at kamp gaspel in front of the "bank" house called: "Safe Locker" we cant talk with him.. but was he here before the last update? I didnt pay atention.

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