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  1. This is nice..Hope its worth the wait!!! Thanks! Happy Halloween Everyone! -see siggy
  2. Additional to the above advise.. Maybe try checking too your phone's memory? Also with your connection? I guess.. Regards,
  3. cool guys! Thanks for sharing.. but i can't make it online now a days... ...Missing my barb! :cray:
  4. garism


    I'm not sure if we are missing something in here but we have tried it (me and Yinyang(fellow 2H-Axe Barb)). While in a party to a monster. I stand corrected. Please let us know! Regards,
  5. Hi, It's rather Lightweight armor. Check on your Skill menu, you will see type of armor/equips you could use. If you have Lightweight armor on the skill, you could wear Lightweight type of armors and so on, different classes have different types armor/equips that they could use. Just look at your Skill menu and read the description what it says. HTH! Regards,
  6. But on the last update, they did a reset where all the skill points were back to min and you have to allocate the points again. I guess if they are going to add/remove skills on the next update, it should be reset. IMHO! Regards,
  7. garism


    Hi, I guess you're thinking about this scenario: Barb A and Barb B hitting one monster, then they use 'Chop' skill. What will happen? If Barb A is taking away 40ish hp and Barb B is taking away 40ish hp will that be equals to 80ish hp of bleeding on that monster? My opinion is that the above should happen. The monster should lost 80ish hp on the scenario above. IMHO. Any thought from you guys? Regards,
  8. Update..Update!! Looking forward to this one! ::) ..room for improvement eh!?
  9. Thank you guys for the ideas and experiences shared. For the two-handed axe -- that's what i hate about it the speed, but i haven't tried doing it hybrid where you use two-handed then your equips attribute will consist on attack speed and etc. Wondering what will be the result. For the one-handed -- yes, the speed is okay but the damage is different ofcourse. I'm still baffled on this set ups. -- :shout: -- But having the two setups in one character like you will have sets of equips for a two-hand and one-hand build will cost you that much (iguess) so might stick to one rather? What do you think guys? More ideas are welcome! ::)
  10. @kraden.. can you please tell and explain what is happening to you. Maybe a scenario? I couldn't get your situation... :unknw:
  11. Guys, I'm weighing things up for Barbarian Build. While studying, you can give your thoughts about the subject. between One Handed-Axe + Shield -VS- Two-Handed Axe Pros - ??? Cons - ??? Any thoughts is highly appreciated. Regards,
  12. Maybe it would be nice to have a 'Follow' options on one's character. This will be useful. Like for example you're in a party like helping in a quest that you're already done. With this you don't have to ask if where is that place again. All you have to do is click on the character and like set the 'Follow' option On or Off then let the questor lead the way. Any thoughts? Regards,
  13. :clapping: Tama! Go Pinoys! :clapping: ..see signature..
  14. Yes, it's so called 'bank'. :good: Maybe a free for all bank! ;D balance eh! Don't put them an expiry date please! :)
  15. I see, so it won't appear on your char but rather on enemys status. Later i'll check on it. Maybe i noticed it but don't give a damn. ;D Thanks for the response. But how about the defense sense on Barbarians. Any thoughts? Regards,
  16. Not sure if this is already been discussed. Suggestion to have a vault or inventory or something where we could keep items. You know like the usual games with this feature where you could stock and keep your items and loved and precious items. ::) Regards,
  17. Wondering the 'defense' sense on barbarians. I couldn't feel it. Is it fixed already? And about the 'Roar' skill just noticed that it would less the impact of incoming attacks by 2points ie. taking damage of 10 when in Roar i get 8-9 and not sure if i'm the only one that the Roar status is not shown on my char. Could anyone have a look on this please!? Regards,
  18. Here are some of my observations/findings on this update. IMHO! :) "Roar" skill in the past made aggression to a harmless creatures. --when you use this skill it makes the monster near you became aggre and attack you. Is this the way it is supposed to be? But the skill description only says that 'Roar' will only reduced the impact of incoming attacks. Also using the skill it doesn't show on my character that i'm on this state of skill so i don't know if the skill is still in effect. I mean an image or sign or something that will appear below that name of your character. And the damage reduction like this. When im not using roar *sample* damage is 10 then using roar damage less to 8 which i don't think helpful?. :unknw: Taunt skill. --I couldn't see the sense of having this skill. Could anyone also have a look on this? :nea: Saved Inprogress Quest --Good thing you've done something on this. Before the update on this particular fix made me think.. 'What? All inprogress quest removed/forget by your character after the maintenance?" .. Hope this is okay now. Well see in the next update. Quest --Wondering on some quest which are very hard. Like what i've tried a level 5 or 7 quest that you need to kill like something a mini boss called it mini boss because it is so hard to complete the quest. You are in a max group of like 5 and all level were 7/8 for a level 6 quest..Still we couldn't do it. Maybe we need an adjustment on some quest or something? :cray: In general --Thanks for the update. I'm sure pretty much is coming our way, so let's hope for the best. :search: Regards,
  19. Hello, I already forgot what is the last quest i've done before i made it to rank 3. After a few days of not being online. Now i'm stuck and don't know where i can get my next quest and where to go to. I'm posting this hoping that someone would shed a light on me. Is there a reference or something that i could refer to about quest and such things that i could use? I'm so stuck. :facepalm: Please HELP.. would appreciate a response. Thank you fellow Warspear community! :search: :search:
  20. yeah i know, we are thinking of the common online games where in full features are available..friendlist, guilds, skills and etc.. But here, .... . Let us put in our mind that common onlines games too come to that point to on the start but as they progress games getting better and better..and that we play a part on it by sharing our insights, our feedback and thinking about the game features with this developers/admin will know where to put the effort and make priorities. Let us hope for the best! :pleasantry: 8)
  21. garism

    HELLO! :)

    Just started playing few days ago... This is a cool game and having this line "unforgettable adventure in the world of multi-player online gameWarspear Online together with the other players from whole world." Warspear Online. Thanks! Keep playing!:)
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