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Reasons of losing access to account + all link to all guides


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Dear players!


We take security in Warspear Online very, very seriously. It is very important for us to provide safe and friendly environment in the game.


In every online game, where game currency is present and trade relations are established; game items and accounts have some value. Unfortunately, among all provided options to get items there is one which violates our EULA and rules of conduct.


It is scam.


After receiving and checking multiple requests in our support department, we decided to collect most important and helpful guides in one place. We would like to tell you most common reasons of losing items and access to accounts, and how to keep it safe.


The most common reason as players thinks – it is “hacking”. I want to be completely clear - our security has not been breached. So, unfortunately, it is the result of players' behavior. 




Selling/Trading accounts


Trading/selling/sharing accounts – it is the violation of our rules and EULA. These actions will cause denial of the game access. Read more.

What to do: If you do not want to lose any of your items, characters or even access to your account then just do not try to sell or buy account. 





What is it: A phishing site is one that is set up to look just like warspear-online.com but instead sends your password to the attacker. You could receive a link to the site from your friend who already lost his account, for example. Site may offer you free miracle coins, power leveling, adding stats for your character, but require to enter your login and password.

Really good example is here, even it is for twitter: http://www.ismytwitterpasswordsecure.com/

What to do: Do not follow unknown links, especially if you received them from strangers. Do not post your login information anywhere. Never give your account data to anyone.

If you found that kind of site, then send information about it to our support (http://warspear-online.com/en/support). We will take care to protect our users from potential data loss. 



Cheat Programs


What is it: Modifying or hacking game software; using 3rd party software which affects to the game.

What to do: Just don't. Never use any software which affects to the game, this is 100% chance of losing access to your account, as well as 100% opportunity of receiving ban.



Sharing account data


What is it: Simple sharing account data between multiple users. Usually, players after spending a lot of time ingame together decided to share their login/password between each other and sometimes it may have unfortunate consequences. Some players may pretend of being part of administration staff and ask for password.

Remember: The only account owner is the person who have registered the account.

What to do: Solution is simple: never give your account data to anyone. Unfortunately, we cannot restore any items lost to theft. Online economics – is the most important part of every online game. Restoring items may cause situation when the economy would be flooded with duplicated items.   



List of guides on forum:


[Must read] FAQ about reasons of blocking access to the game


Don't get scammed  by Legionn

EULA-rules, read them  by Bloodylips

Guide and advice to prevent you from being scammed  by Born Identities

Account Security  by Ghost

Guide vs. scamming, you need to know all this  by GloomShroud



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