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non stop trade chat spamming


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none knows.... :unknw: he/she spammed it 3-4+++ hours. no sell/trade or buy.... nothing.... just the item again and again :bad:



he is look very happy, i think.  :rofl:

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There will always be spam on chat. If you find yourself getting annoyed or such, just place them on ignore and you will no longer see it.

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i bet it was a bot  :bad:

ive seen it happen in many other games like battlefield play 4free

they would join a match and just repeat same message at a set time interval

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You can't do anything about such spam. Maybe if there were CMs.


actually they can... but will they?

read here.

"Temporal partial denial of game access (muteness in chat, ban on trade deals, group invitations etc):

foul language (including veiled form), insults;

flood (repetitive posting of similar content or one phrase, symbols, letters, words or repeating short messages),



violation of abovementioned rules."


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