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Trap, Scatter or mix?


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I soon reach the lv where i shall decide what my last points will go to. I cant pick between these 2 right now, so i hope there's some rangerguys why can help me. :)

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I dont knowww :D


I did mixed in the end, 3 scatter 3 traps, and I'm not entirely satisfied.

Scatter at 5 can be usefull against both melee and ranged classes, whilst at 3 only vs melee, but traps at 5 rocks hard, you can put 3 at the same time and they last FOREVER, so it's a pity totally giving up on traps. At 3 they do their work (2 traps at the same time), but there is a big difference with traps at 5. Scatter at 1 is shit, stun time doesnt last enough time to use any skill before the enemy is back on you already.

Probably the most conservative choice is scatter shot at 5 and ♥♥♥♥ it.


If you are high amped maybe you could try something weird and have bless 5, traps 5, scatter 3, power shot 3. I dont play ranger as main char anymore so I'm not making experiments.

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Depends on what you are doing for arena +5 scatter and trap is epic blessing well since update it is a crappy % of getting blessing...

Well i use +5 power shot +5 blessing (even though now it sucks) +3 traps and +2 scatter



Scatter works well for running you probably need blessing when your low amped the traps help alot making the target immobilised for some time :P but if ur pro and u can do this



Trap the target when the trap is about to end then when the skill is recharged place another infront of the target making it get caught again if u can do that and your a +10 lvl 18+ ranger the opponent is fuccked 

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mix lvl 3 trap and lvl 3 scatter or max trap. i like trap because it's very good when it's atleast lvl 3 bcoz then u can have 2 traps up at the same time very good if u do like this:

trap > back off > hit many times > and when u see that the first trap is about to dissapear u can place the second one > back off etc (maybe use scatter if u think enemy gets close)

idk i am not good at ranger but if i lvl up one i would put some skill points at trap (atleast lvl 3)

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