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Voldemort's Revenge


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                     " Voldemort's Revenge "


   Voldemort is a black magician who lives in a castle. He is a very wicked, cruel and cunning man. His face is not like an ordinary human but rather looks like a snake. 


   One day... Voldemort heard about the death of Valdemar (Voldemort's brother) who had been killed by Sam Hain. Hearing this news, Voldemort was very angry and immediately went to Arinar to meet Sam Hain for revenge.


   On a sunny day at the arinar, Sam Hain was preparing to celebrate the horror circus. But suddenly the clouds were torn with thunder and the skies darkened. A resounding human-like laugh boomed and only a few words could be made out -- "Sam Hain... I am coming for you!". Suddenly a black shadow descended from the sky, apparently he was Voldemort. Voldemort did not come alone, he was with several Death Eater (Voldemort's servant). Sam Hain was immediately abducted and taken to Voldemort castle. Seeing what happened, Barker went to see Harad and Nuadu (The Gods of Arinar). Harad and Nuadu prepared the troops and went straight to Voldemort castle.


   When they were in front of the castle, they were confronted by death eater, but death eater could easily be defeated. Then they immediately entered the castle and meet with Voldemort. Voldemort then issued thousands of troops of venomous snakes. Harad and Nuadu together with his army could not defeat the snakes troops,  because there were too many of them. Harad and Nuadu decided to retreat and return to Arinar. In the middle of a trip, suddenly all troops fell and died because of snake poison and could not be helped. Now only the two of them left, then they met Garahan (The Black Dragon) to help defeat Voldemort.


   The next day the three of them went to the castle of Voldemort, where Voldemort had confronted them. Again Voldemort summoned an army of venomous snakes, but Garahan instantly spouted a very large fire that killed all the snake troops.  Then Harad and Nuadu immediately struck Voldemort until he fell, Harad quickly cut off Voldemort's head with his sword.  Sam Hain was saved. 


   The horror circus was again celebrated with great fanfare.


Wedgehead - EU EMERALD

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