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Found 11 results

  1. gostaria de saber se alguém já fez a promoção pra ganhar moedas milagrosas do JigsawPuzzle, aquele q vc tem q baixar o jogo, e fazer o cadastro mensal do jogo pra ganhar 3000 moedas milagrosas. se alguém já fez, queria saber se deu certo e chegou tudo direitinho... 🤔🤔
  2. I want to buy miracle coin with the money that is already in the wallet of the play store, but this option does not appear. When I hit '' Google Play '', it appears to use either credit card, Paid Marketplace or gift card. Can I use my own Play Store wallet to buy Miracle Coin? I already downloaded the official app for this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aigrind.warspear
  3. Сделал всё как написано в задании, скачал установил приложение, зашёл - создал аккаунт и сыграл партию затем вышел из приложения. После чего открыл варспир и зашёл на аккаунт с которого выполнял задание дабы посмотреть пришли ли мне заветные miracle coins. В итоге вот что я вижу 👇Я решил подождать ещё несколько минут в надежде на то что возможно просто возникли трудности при проверке и в скором времени мне придут мои честно заработанные чудо монеты. После примерно пяти минут ожидания я перезапустил варспир, зашёл на всё тот же акк и того же перса. ПРОВЕРЯЮ КОЛИЧЕСТВО ЧМ А ОНО КАК БЫЛО 0(ноль) ТАК И ОСТАЛОСЬ 0 ПРИ ТОМ ЧТО В ЗАДАНИИ НАПИСАНО ЧТО МОНЕТЫ ЗАЧИСЛЕНЫ!!!ВСЯ СУТЬ В ТОМ ЧТО ЭТО НЕ ЕДИНИЧНЫЙ СЛУЧАЙ! НА ЭТОМ ЖЕ АККАУНТЕ Я И РАНЕЕ ВЫПОЛНЯЛ ЗАДАНИЯ В НАГРАДУ ЗА ЧМ, НО ИГРОВАЯ ВАЛЮТА ПРИХОДИЛА ЛИШЬ В РЕДКИХ СЛУЧАЯХ! ТЕРПЕТЬ ЭТО ДАЛЬШЕ Я НЕ СОБИРАЮСЬ, МНЕ КАЖЕТСЯ МЕНЯ ПОПРОСТУ ОБМАНЫВАЮТ!
  4. Hi everyone I and some other "free" players, also have valuable items that are not useful to their lvls, but can not sell, because the unbind is really only done if you have Miracle coins in your account, that the Unbind scroll be like a parchment of life was made. Sorry for English Volldemort, TU
  5. Those Chinese who using very cheap coins and destroy items prices r just unfair make it fair for all let all use it or delete that stupid method that ruin the whole game here is ss from Chinese who using it 298 thier currency is like 40$ while other people paying 99$ and thats not fair will destroy the whole game and those Chinese doing that cheap method for thier non Chinese friends lot quit cuz of this so do something about it pls and save this game
  6. Olá, alguns dias atrás estava jogando normalmente, quando entreguei uma missão e exatamente na hora que eu ia apertar no botão de menu, uma promoção relâmpago apareceu e me fez comprar uma poção da união a 149 Mcoins!!!! Preço bem acima do de mercado, algumas guildas vendem a 4000 moedas de ouro para seus membros quando estão competindo por um rank. Gostaria de saber se existe alguma forma de reembolso, pois estava com as Mcoins contadas aguardando uma promoção de mochilas, e agora essa promoção chegou e faltam 100 Mcoins para eu conseguir comprá-las, é sábado então mesmo que eu compre Moedas milagrosas agora só chegarão na segunda feira, ou possivelmente na terça (só pago por meio de boleto). Agradeço pela atenção Standford.
  7. Hello Warspear community. Im creating this topic hoping someone can tell/announce when is the "100% more Miracle Coins via Google Play purchases" promo coming. I really need to buy some huge ammount of MC's and I don't want to miss this promo. Thanks and take care, Praytowin
  8. Fatih KURT


    Hi.I'm playing to the emerald.and I want to learn the most advantageous products in mc shop..Ty in advance
  9. How about giving us the option to purchase an x amount of gold with miracle coins! Instead of forcing players to purchase items through miracle coins only to resell, they can just cut out the middle man and buy the gold directly. Sounds like an awesome idea right? In theory yes. A certain site decided to do the very same thing, but even though nothing good came from that, I can use their mistake to help another site avoid doing the same thing. Besides the obvious "but if cashers stop buying items and just start buying gold, non-cashers won't be able to buy the items they need" there is another side effect, hyperinflation. Gold is generated every single day from killing mobs yes, which means that every day the game is getting richer in gold. Even though the marketplace/dealer helps dump some of the gold through the tax, the purchasing of expert skills, and such other methods..the game is sort of in a balance. It generates gold and loses gold. But by having the option to purchase gold with miracle coins, you will be generating a massive amount of gold into the system. Prices will skyrocket, and since people might not buy items to resell, that will cause the price of said items to ride as well. Never give us the option to buy gold directly if it wasn't obvious before. If will lead chaos! Ty for your time. What? this doesn't belong in this sub-forum since I technically didn't suggest an idea to implement into the game? Well I "suggest" you shut up. I suggested an idea that they should NOT do, if it was not obvious to them already. Just wanted to make sure that at least something good came from that one site's stupid decision.
  10. I dont call myself a "Legend", was just wondering that some persons pmed me with: Welcome back Legend well yeah, im back and i do some videos again about EU_EMERALD Gameplay this time my videos will have MUSIC and english commentary! Whats the most exciting thing in EU-Emerald now a days? btw when i have 500 Subscriber im doin a GIVEAWAY were all player can win something! enjoy the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFu-TV5YqdU&list=UUFzh_rxLRIHkCZVdkMhrSJw
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