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  1. It's magnificent the way AIGRIND Is improving. Keep up with the good work and effort! And for the community: don't complain about things being hard to get or do. After all, easy things don't get recognized and valued. How boting would be playing a game where people get fully amped and achieved in months?! Just be proud about the hard things you've accomplished until now and keep moving forward, aiming new ones. Play hard, go pro. Thank you AIGRING and those who support.
  2. Hello Warspear community. Im creating this topic hoping someone can tell/announce when is the "100% more Miracle Coins via Google Play purchases" promo coming. I really need to buy some huge ammount of MC's and I don't want to miss this promo. Thanks and take care, Praytowin
  3. Nicely done WOs devs! This is a huge game changer especially for my PVE role. I'm anxiously waiting for that update. Peter, any idea about the miracle price of those relics in mc shop ?
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