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Found 12 results

  1. -Why the devs don't care about the old maps anymore ? -Only endgame and endgame.... only for people who are putting money in this game.... -There is no interest in making this game big as it was in the 2012 or early, playerbase is declining.... no promotion or anything for this game to grow.... if there are no new players there is nothing we can do in the first 2 maps...and the game will die eventually, but only ppl who spent huge money will still remain !!!!! -They need to make new ways to farm for gold in this game... selling gear is not an option unless you are a very high skilled player allready.... if you are a new player i can't do sh#t...... only after putting some money in this dead game you can do something.... -Let's not talk about the drops in dungeons.... where is worse.... the amount of times you need to do them to get something is insane..... you spend more money in buying stamina... and gain more to nothing in dgs.... but this is a very hard way to make gold..... no mobs or boss drops gold la 5 to 10k or maybe i don't know that because..... I NEED HIGH LVL GEAR AND NEEDS TO BE AMPLYFIED TO -DO SOMETHING BUT OH WELL I HAVE NO GOLD, because there is nothing to do to get gold or ways to get my gear, craft takes too much time and resources...... SO FOR SHORT YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING TO IMPROVE URSELF IN THIS GAME UNLESS YOU PAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I want some suggestion about purchasing and leveling up necessary skills for my supportive druid build, as they are countless build about PVP or PVE but I'm not focusing on offensive skills, I think 4 skills are supportive ones, please which one should I purchase/upgrade plus I want to play my druid on LVL 20 Max so only 2 expert skill will be purchasable (not buying additional slot through miracle coins) Secret Link Invigorating Stream Healing Barrier Patronage of the Forest and yes I have maxed out healing dew and barkskin
  3. Uma conta minha foi bloqueada, pois um amigo fez estorno de moedas milagrosas. Eu queria saber, se eu pagar o estorno, minhas contas vão ser desbloqueadas? Ou ele que precisa pagar pela conta dele?
  4. Help me , I forget my password I'm using support panel lost Password but didn't get any email from warspears
  5. Is there a way for me to access my steam account on mobile? Can I log in with my steam credentials or something?
  6. Did I miss something in the options? Or my 536 posts are not enough yet to change username?
  7. Why if i enter the game with my paladin character named Xslqyer it always show connection to the server is lost? Was this a bug? Plz help me
  8. Having forgot to take screenshot... Permanence potion effect ended a few minutes before I reached the NPC to turn quest in. Although the effect was over and I should've gone experience point for the quest, it still showed among quest rewards I wouldn't receive experience. As I said, the effect was over already for five minutes by that time, so it should've shown xp amomg rewards too. In the end I didn't turn it in, not to accidentally become one of the poor guys whose work was ruined by a little mistake. Anyways, I would like to ask: Would I have received no experience point for turning in that quest, or is that a bug that still needs to be fixed to prevent accidental level ups?
  9. Tabiki Adaletsizlik Yandexden üye olup kartla para aktarmaya kalksan bu seferde senden ruble hesabı olmadığı için hata mesajı vericek veya komisyonu kitlicek Geliştirilmeli ( Adaletsizlik Giderilmeli Fiyat Düşürlmeli Manasında ) Sonra demeyin ruslar neden 1. turnuvalarda
  10. Commander Mar'Khoz (the Insect leader in Ayvondil underground) a long time ago theres a untold story of a swarm of insects living under ayvondil , they are planning to invade the ayvondil with their leader Named Commander Mar'Khoz ( The insect Leader in Ayvondil underground ) , One day they go to Ayvondil to Attack the Elves to rule the whole place , after several days they win the war and The insects rule the whole place with Commander Mar'Khoz , The Commander has grudge on elves because he was bullied by elves and take his revenge , but the elves on irselnort went to ayvondil to Take the place again and the elves won the war but They fail to kill commander Mar'Khoz , Commander Mar'Khoz and His 6 Troops go back to the underground and planning to attack again the ayvondil . The elves must kill commander Mar'Khoz before his troops came back and attack again the Ayvondil . Details: Level: 30 Health Point: 1 500 000 Energy: Unlimited Physical Damage: 400 Magic damage: 300 Physical Defence: 1000 Magic Defence: 1000 Location: Ayvondil ( Nice Place for An insect boss ) Drop: Commander Mar'Khoz's Suit Bars and Def III and Damage III Costume Detail: Just like on picture With Wings But it depends on Gm for the Wings size Behaviour: Fast Moving when use rush skill on enemy , Normal Atk Speed only ( Normal Attack speed of Boss) -- HE IS FLYING Skills: Rush Skill (BD) Poison skill (Rouge) = ( 350 Damage ) = left hand use ( with sword ) Lightning ball (shaman) = right Hand use ( without sword ) 6 MOBS ------------ Name : The Swarm Appearance : Just Like The Boss Without Wings Equipment look : Lords 1h Axe Skill : none I hope You Like it Please Support !
  11. Syluxxx


    Hi guys, I have bougth a new phone, but have problems with compatibility (i think) from warspear, only with your games i really dont know why is happening this because its an android phone. Continue with the problem, when I enter the game all the game is like if the pixels were drunk. Any solution for it? If I have to contact Tehc. Supp. I wont have any problems. [information of phone: QILIVE Q4688 with Android 4.4.2] Hope it exist a fix. The screenshoot:
  12. gm need help i got hacked but i cant understand how,i offline 5 min and after i log me show incorect password. he write from my acc nick pvpgodz,proshamlt,conflictlt,punisherlt.
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