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  1. This Feature disabled to avoid scam/hacking? I'm trying to recovery my old account via password reset , but nothing, I check email and not get the email message , I just miss the game with my old account because I spending money on them, but when I tryng to reset password. After my first posting to this forum, admin just say, "please using the correct email" my eyes is healthy and I'm not drunk man, I'm pretty sure my email is correct. Admin just repeat the word "please use correct email" In my case, why I'm using panel password reset, because seriously forgot the character name on that email, and level to, but remember I'm using this email to playing Warspear Online 2 or 3 years ago server US Saphire. Same answer!!! Gdmit!! Forget it! Nevermind!!
  2. Help me , I forget my password I'm using support panel lost Password but didn't get any email from warspears
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