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Found 2 results

  1. Well, i thought about doing this topic in the charming section, but this is a problem that affects other classes as well. Summary: I believe that to add critical damage to pets, an individual nerf would be required in them. and the removal of the two Christmas relics from the wolves of the charmer. this change would mainly benefit players with level lvl 32 and people who play in the guild. Currently, critical damage represents a considerable increase in power for those who have it, especially when combined with high critical hit statistics. skill of guild, half set of the men fish of fabric, book of the black elm. these statistics end up being less valuable in a class that depends on pets to cause damage, and this is more felt in the charmer. However I know that simply adding critical damage to pets in the way they are today could be something toxic to the game, especially in the case of the charmer, so I come here to try to bring a solution to the problem. So that critical damage could be added to pets, looking at all classes, their respective pets would need to have their damage reduced Druid the druid's water elemental does a lot of damage, as well as attacking from a distance. with a good cooldown of skill a druid can keep 1.5 elementals active. solution to reduce elemental damage, it would affect pvp as well, but I don’t think it’s a problem for druids. Templar on my server there are few templars who use this skill upada, i never particularly saw one. you may not need any adjustments to add critical damage to this pet. Necromancer the totem of bones of the necromancer does not inherit any of the offensive and defensive parameters of the class, I believe that this skill needs a rework, because in its current state, it is very weak or very strong, being difficult to balance Charmer the charmer has two pets, and I will talk about them separately. wolves wolves have some small problems with this. first the wolves are a basic skill, and you can put on a Christmas relic that makes this ability critically hit every attack while you have the active rage effect. second, wolves currently have relatively high damage, in addition to the ability to be stacked multiple times, a single enchanter can place up to 4 wolves. for the first problem the solution would be the removal of the wolf's relic of rabies, this would prevent the abuse of critical damage by the pets. for the second problem, a direct nerf on the damage or duration of the pets may be ideal, however a physical charmer has only this ability as a source of damage. wolves represent a major problem in arena fights, where critical damage does not influence much. bird the bird is not such a strong skill in the pve to cause damage, it is the main source of damage for the magic charmer, I don’t know if it would need a direct nerf in the ability to add this statistic, it’s worth remembering that critical cures should affect this skill too .
  2. Olá! Venho relatar alguns problemas que encontrei no uso de alguns itens, habilidades e status. O primeiro relato é referente a redução do tempo de produção concedida pelo item "licença de produção do mestre" que não está aplicando sua redução de 30% corretamente. Segue o exemplo onde minha produção de 10 minutos foi diminuida em 2 minutos e 19 segundos quando deveria ser reduzida em 3 minutos. O segundo problema se refere a mecânica da skill "Conexão Fatídica" do Necromante, onde o dano adicional causado por seu efeito não aplica os efeitos de contato, como se não tivesse sido causado pelo necromante. Veja no exemplo que o dano da skill em laranja não rouba vida como as demais skills, além disso muitas vezes o dano não é "espalhado" como deveria, ainda no exemplo causei 2 danos diferentes no bárbaro, entretanto apenas um deles foi espalhado para o boneco de treino conectado. Por fim quero relatar também que o status "redução de recarga" não funciona como sua descrição, no meu exemplo meus 106% de redução de recarga deveriam zerar o tempo de recarga das minhas skills, pelo que sei não existe um limite máximo e é frustrante investir em um status que não funciona como sua descrição. Agradeço o espaço para expor esses problemas e espero que consigam corrigir ou me explicar essas mecânicas do jogo.
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