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Found 9 results

  1. Welcome all! I want to suggest a skill, but you shouldn't take it as a serious suggestion, because this skill will put a huge load on the game due to the heap of animation. The idea is taken from the game Hots from the hero Rexxar. Skill name: Onslaught of Mountains. You summon mountain boars to help them run towards the target and deal damage on impact and damage along the way. Cooldown: 40 seconds. Cast range: 5 cells. Damage that the boar deals along the way: 15% of physical strength. Damage on collision with a target: 25% of physical strength. You summon
  2. Протирая куском ткани древко своего молота Rithardral устало вздохнул. Сидя у входа в таверну Камп-Гаспеля он провожал взглядом выходящих и входящих посетителей. Солнце только что поднялось из-за горизонта, осветив порт во всей его красе, а ветер принес уже приевшуюся морскую свежесть. У перекупщика как всегда стояла толпа торговцев, простых зевак и новоприбывших. Было интересно наблюдать за новичками, которые вертя головой оценивали новую обстановку, сравнивая это место со своими родными местами... Внезапно раздались крики, послышался звон стали и громкая ругань."Горцы в порту!" - Выкрик
  3. 20 лет назад. Это был вполне себе обычный день юного обитателя Аринара. Rithardral сидел на пирсе в порту своего родного острова, подкармливал рыб и предавался мечтаниям. Мимо него сновали туда-сюда занятые взрослые. Мальчишка с легкостью различал людей по их одежке: воины в доспехах, жрецы в мантиях и маги в широкополых шляпах. Жизнь била ключом на всем Лангасарде. Аромат моря и крик чаек дополняли атмосферу."Эй, малец, посторонись - мы бочонки с медом катим!" - Крикнул здоровый усач и звонко рассмеялся. Последние приготовления по загрузке трюма пришвартованного корабля были завершены, п
  4. Hi my Names Chase I wanted to have fun when I entered forums so thought I'd enter me and my brother made a cute little costume for me XD I posted one Costume photo And One Regular I've played since I was 8! June 7th 2012 and Am excited to be a new member on forum I wish everyone luck! (Kronusx Us Sapphire) (Badxjuju and SiN for life.)
  5. Hey guys, All of you must be familiar with Chuck Norris jokes. But what you don't know. Chuck Norris lost PvP with Roland. Lol. Today Roland was online for quite a time. People were spamming ws chat with hilarious messages like. "Roland is farming swamp slug." Lol. Let's make a thread for that. All of you, post your Roland jokes here. I'll start. Roland farmed jerboa and got Lev 22 weapon.
  6. So hey guys, I'm Jagon from US, I'm a BD. After the events ended things have been REALLY boring. The thing we want most collectively, is a chaos room, and it would have to be in a neutral zone. Nadir would be the best place essentially for that. I'm always up for a good war, but we want to be able to pvp outside of "war" as well. So many MC/Forsaken are using Elf/Chosen accounts and vice versa. It's a giant mess at the moment. And I get that it's basically impossible to police that, so we need an alternative. P.S. Why you let MC have buff after buff??
  7. This suggestion is inspired by other game/s. Hello once again! Without any further ado, let me introduce you to this PvP Tournament Mode. What is it? It is a new game mode where players compete against each other in teams on a simple, specialized battlefield in a tournament hosted by a player for rewards provided by the tournament hoster. How is it going to work? -Tournament hosting: In order to create your own tournament, you must have a [Tournament Hosting License] which would be found in the Miracle Shop for a decent amount of Mcoins. (Of course could be sold in gol
  8. pretty much no one does arena anymore unless its the beggining of the new arena season or you release new gears etc... arena is fun, so here are some ways i thought of to make people demand more.... 1- more maps: not just a few, but a heap more. maps that provide challenges and dont only serve as a battle ground (eg, lava map, the zappy maps) -example: swamp slug in the middle of the map traps like the pontifex worm etc! -special event maps that appear only in certain events (eg Halloween, snow boundaries etc) with their own unique features 2- more gp from wins: shou
  9. I made a screenshot comic. The story is very simple: It tells about a great hero (read:noob) who receives a quest from a troll and an unforgettable (read:unmemorable) adventure begins. Is this funny or ? http://youtu.be/g0H921v4otE
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