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Found 13 results

  1. Am i missing something or the drop rates for dungeon are really low..... even now with 2x on weapons i got only one.... i got one ring with magic attack and a hammer since the beginning of the event.... Are the devs so thirsty for money that i am in that situation where i feel like spending money to buy stamina to get drop..... Ok here's one thing... i am lvl 26 and i have somewhat decent gear but still i can't produce a good amount of gold to really feel like i can afford to buy stamina or anything else.. for me now making gold in this game feels much harder than having a job in real life.... i do have a job but i can't just put them in the game like it's nothing..... Back to the point again... about drop rates...... HOW MANY RUNS do i need to do, to get something.... i think the devs put a random number there that even the devs forgot how low it is..... Why i see in the chat mostly rich players getting good drop ???? what about the rest of the players ?? I say once again even the 2x every week feels like a scam for me... AM I THAT UNLUCKY ? WHAT I DID TO DESERVE THIS ? AM I NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE FUN IN THIS GAME ???? maybe not.... this is like every other event..... not only in spring event but in every event /winter/horrro/ i barely BARELY get something.... I AM SO FRUSTATED.... because i feel no motivation to play this game anymore.... Devs don't gives us free stuff....(from time to time i don't need to be always but you know something to see the appreciation from the devs) no other events to get excited for... idk something to do in this game to make you excited to log in every day to play..... maybe that's why players are leaving this game.... it's always doing the same thing.... One more thing i've sent many mails to the ws support about why they don't change something in this game to feel more enjoyable.... but what i got in response..... "Sorry we can't help you"..... yeah cool.... Signed: Kwzybro us-sapphire
  2. -Why the devs don't care about the old maps anymore ? -Only endgame and endgame.... only for people who are putting money in this game.... -There is no interest in making this game big as it was in the 2012 or early, playerbase is declining.... no promotion or anything for this game to grow.... if there are no new players there is nothing we can do in the first 2 maps...and the game will die eventually, but only ppl who spent huge money will still remain !!!!! -They need to make new ways to farm for gold in this game... selling gear is not an option unless you are a very high skilled player allready.... if you are a new player i can't do sh#t...... only after putting some money in this dead game you can do something.... -Let's not talk about the drops in dungeons.... where is worse.... the amount of times you need to do them to get something is insane..... you spend more money in buying stamina... and gain more to nothing in dgs.... but this is a very hard way to make gold..... no mobs or boss drops gold la 5 to 10k or maybe i don't know that because..... I NEED HIGH LVL GEAR AND NEEDS TO BE AMPLYFIED TO -DO SOMETHING BUT OH WELL I HAVE NO GOLD, because there is nothing to do to get gold or ways to get my gear, craft takes too much time and resources...... SO FOR SHORT YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING TO IMPROVE URSELF IN THIS GAME UNLESS YOU PAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hello 😀 1- I recently thought of some improvement for the wars I was fighting, and I would notice that some things could change. when some faction wins a war on all players on the map also receive as stars. And many of them will just stand on the map without helping your alliance to receive the bonuses from the stars themselves without doing anything at all! It would be much better if the war stars were only received from the war received for the players inside the location, similarly to the bonuses we earn from halloween events etc. Only players who participate will receive the bonuses, so it would be fair. 2- Another thing that bothers me a lot are players who play in the 2 enemy alliances. In the faction in the faction in knowing where the many are fighting to attack or defend just that as arinar wars. So maybe during a war the player could only switch or join a character after a certain countdown would be better fine. Example: during a war the player can only enter a doll of the opposite faction every 15 seconds. It would be something similar with blocking chat when someone is typing a lot in a short period of time. However, this time it will be a block for players who switch characters to the other too often. This lock would only be good during wars in arinar!!! This helps a lot when planning a surprise attack without having an elf or a low level MC intruder reading all the plans in the chat. 3- As everyone knows, Warspear had many things forgotten and outdated. The NPCS that defend the cities are also very weak and outdated with the level of the game, if they have some improvements in this NPCS it would also be great! We have a lot of events that happen in the arinar map so I really like many that run the algorithms to make the whole game at the same level. Level 32 players invade cities effortlessly! If the NPCS guards stronger problems maybe it would solve any of these. I hope you all think about it 🙂 . I'm using the translator but I hope you understand me 😅
  4. During the development of classes, some classes became outdated or simply do not fulfill the role for which they were originally created. This is the case with Death Knight and Paladin. Both classes have skill kits and relics that do not favor their second role, or simply fail to reach their full potential due to class limitations. The Paladin is currently a Tank / Magic Support and the Death Knight is a Tank / Magic DMG (if we take the skill kit of both classes and interactions with relics and buildings mostly Magic). This leads me to the question, what's the point of both classes wearing Light Armor instead of Cloth Armor? Firstly, the Kit of both classes benefits much more from the parameters acquired through Cloth Armor. An example of this is the Set 32 Mermen which would be much more useful than the current Set. If both classes do a build based on auto-attack, their kit becomes almost useless in the PvE aspect, which makes both the first and second skills of the set almost useless. There are some Paladins and Knights who attempt such a feat, but it is clear that it is not something that benefits the class's kit 100%. Paladin's Magic Healing and Death Knight's Magic Damage constructs would be extremely more effective and viable. I would like to know the opinion of other players who use the class on the subject. Do you think Cloth Armor would be more useful or the current Light Armor is good?
  5. Saudações, eu venho através disso, trago sugestões de mudanças importantes no cavaleiro da morte. Atualmente o Cavaleiro da Morte está muito fraco, ele está muito fraco no PvP - Arena; embora a classe tenha dano médio, ele não é capaz de usar este dano, ao entrar na arena o dk morre facilmente, mesmo antes de poder usar qualquer habilidade, isso se deve a sua habilidade insuficiente de defesa (suportar dano). Eu destaquei o PvP, mas a classe é fraca em vários outros aspectos, como a incrível impossibilidade de realizar tarefas e masmorras na zona 5, e o nadir mítico, existem inúmeros jogadores com ódio dk por causa disso, a classe não aguenta dano, leva hitkill e morre facilmente em certos lugares. Minha sugestão para atenuar esse problema é a mudança nas seguintes habilidades: Proteção do sangue: Esta habilidade é inútil, devido ao seu pouco tempo de efeito, proponho a seguinte alteração, para a habilidade 4/4. seria importante tornar esta habilidade passiva ou com consumo constante de energia, ainda sugiro uma chance adicional dessa habilidade de curar 70% da saúde do personagem de acordo com seu roubo de vida%, quando sua saúde estiver abaixo de 40% do valor máximo . Reservas secretas: Esta habilidade é ruim devido ao seu cooldown estendido seria muito interessante se esta habilidade se tornasse ativa e tivesse seu cooldown bastante reduzido. Escudo Escuro: a redução de dano dessa habilidade é insuficiente, pois depende da alta amplificação do equipamento, em alguns casos ela só reduz o dano eficiente se a armadura estiver cheia +10, algo bastante difícil porque há muitos jogadores livres. uma boa melhoria nesta habilidade seria substituir sua "chance" de redução de dano por uma porcentagem exata, ou mesmo usar a porcentagem de defesa existente do personagem como um fator para reduzir especificamente uma certa quantidade de dano. Respiração de silêncio: o death knight, não é muito útil em gvg e war, pois falta um pouco no controle da área, esta habilidade poderia ser bastante útil, mas afeta apenas um oponente. silenciando e envenenando vários inimigos, essa habilidade tornaria o dk um pouco mais útil em batalhas PvP em grupo. Formulei essas sugestões através do meu conhecimento e experiências com a classe Death Knight, e também do feedback de vários outros jogadores, por favor, dê uma boa olhada no Death Knight nesta próxima atualização. Obrigado! @Hedfuc @snorlax @Cardeal@Nolan@Holmes
  6. Some discussion and some solutions maybe? Please discuss and tell me your opinion!! 2 VIDEOS FOR THE INTRO: Issue 1: XAMA's healing totem is OP when used together. Discussion: -The totem will heal only those who have low health, therefore, its effect occurs on those who have lost life. -The totem heals a total of 4x, one every 3 seconds. -The totem heals up to 5 injured players. -Can heal up to 1100(easy) When we have a guild with 20 Shamans, and everyone using the healing totem at the same time We have a cure of 20 (totem) x 5 (injured players) x 1100hp = 110000 healing every 3 seconds for injured players in the area. (Max of 22k healing in one player each 3 seconds) So, when we have that number of totems and players with high resilience, the healing totem area is so much that it is impossible to kill someone. This absurd area healing, added to the Chief's area damage and Necro's and Warlock's debuffs has created an huuuuugeee imbalance between the factions at war fights / Guilds vs Guilds. Suggestion for solution: Just as it was done in the Templar with its statue skill, place it so that the healing totem applies a buff (maximum number of buffs: 1) on each player it affects, and a player cannot be affected several times by this healing effect. This would fix the massive area healing that we see and is breaking the game balance. Issue 2: The Guild skill magic globe is useless against the Chieftain class. Discussion: -The Chieftain has physical and magical damage - Chieftain Area damage can be magical and physical (bleeding is physical) -The globe changes the magic parameter for physical and physical for magical. In the case of the chief, his set of weapons allows him to have both high magic and physical damage, so when a Chief is under the globe effect he can deal area damage equally, without being affected, and in contrast the sentinel classes will not be able to do any. So one of the best guild skills to control the enemy's damage has proved to be useless against the legion due to the CHIEF's arrangement. Suggestion for solution: Changing the way the globe works, causing it to reduce by 80% all the damage that enemy players can do. With the lag you can take a look how many totems, weakness and healing... Extra edit: weakness totem is also OP cus it can fully debuff the other team, as you can see in the pictures...
  7. Warspear developers could think about adapting the game to the NFT style and giving the game a new face. By enabling players to invest more and more in the game and also win with it. everyone would win.
  8. I mean, not playing it for testing or for finding bugs, just do they play it to enjoy it ?
  9. That is just a simple question : are the developpers Of Warspear reading the English Forum (=International), or they don't care ?
  10. The Legion has always been inferior to the Sentinels. I and many on the Warspear discord agrees that we should be equal so please make the Legion is equal to the Sentinels
  11. Well, lets just get straight to the point. I feel like this game needs costumes that are permanently rare. Meaning that it will not be obtainable ever since the release period of it. I personally have a lot of cool costumes that are from wayyyyy back when the game kicks off. But they keep coming back and they just feel less and less exclusive. Oddirently speaking, there are probably thousands of costume around and it is getting hard to differentiate between actual good, rare costume. You may say thats a bit selfish, but i do wana bring meaning to spending tones of money on costume and finally, you stand out beyond all people around. But later just... boom, u can get the costume again in a way easier manner. It could be something like seasons, 1-2year could be a nice threshold where old costume before that will become exclusive and not obtainable. Especially those old boss costume, event costume and lb award costume. It will only encourage the flow of the game, because the price can increase as time goes on, theres nothing to lose for you. Even cheap costume will gain value later on, and you can proudly present it to show u are an old player and deserve every bits of its glory</
  12. Greetings! im willing to bring the balance back to warspear online,but how i'm gonna do it? Posting this subjection The Firstborn classes seems to have glitches stats,such as Warden,Ranger and BladeDancer,because its nearly impossible to beat them in a fight,maybe other classes as well even lvl 20 Firstborn are able to fight and beat a legionnaire,thing that should be impossible,no matter your amp or stats A good game should be balanced,as some people might don't know,balancing a game is hard i heard some person that said that developers favor the firstborns,i'm not really sure if this is true,but in any case,developers should keep a neutral position let's SUPPOSE i'm a developer,ok? let's SUPPOSE,i'm typing it that big so it can be clear for all of you,ok,as a developer,i have favoritism to the legionnaires,but if i make everything unfair to one side,that side probably will lose all players,and when the other side gets full,what the players are gonna do now? play on the other side where the legion outmatch the sentinels? of course not even if you're a developer,and you have favortism to the sentinels or the legion,game should be fair for both alliances no matter what,all players should have same chances to win i want this game to live longer,all i want to do its try to make the game better for ALL,for ALL thank you for reading and remember,balanced game its a good game
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