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Found 8 results

  1. Would it be possible to freeze the Crafting related achievements that are in the Hero category to lv24? To me it seems a bit unfair that people who maxed the crafts out at lv14 or whatever it was at the time were able to get the achievements done, but newer players and/or people who just wanted a new character now have to get more than 5 times the experience in each craft category to get the same achievements for no better benefit. Not even taking in consideration the absolutely unreasonable time you need to even get maximum level in one craft. Newer players cant compete in the achievement rat
  2. Good day to y'all, I like crafting but i hate it that it is so bad organized. Here are some tips to make crafter funner and user friendlier: - When crafting resources let people choose the item they want to craft and How many times they want to craft it. This way the player doesnt have to scroll everytime down to craft the same thing (for example) 5 times. So something like this: When you click on the item u want to craft a button appears that says: "How many times u want to craft this X" - And u choose how many u want to craft of X item.
  3. Hi everyone. I have a few questions about crafting. The main mistery is which craft task gives the maximum experience per minute. So I did some math for MELEE WEAPON crafting, here is the results: Lvl 1 Craft Tasks -Chippings Extraction -10 min , 3xp -0.3 xp per minute -Chippings Handling -15 min , 4xp -0.26 xp per minute -Crafting Apperentice's Grindstone -20 min , 5xp -0.25 xp per minute Lvl 2 Craft Tasks -1 Handed Weapons/Shields -2 hour 30min , 3
  4. Hello everyone. The title is self explanatory i guess. A alchemy system, completely separated from the crafting one but yet similar, would be a extremely cool addition. But to not be so similar, it would be focused arround getting and refining resources. You would get resources arround the world and would craft and refine them. The resource getting is supposed to to easy, there's SO MUCH already existing items to be used. The great thing would be alchemy licenses, which you would use to refine those resources. Lets say you get some fury horns from those demons near na
  5. Merhabalar oyuna başlayalı fazla olmadı oyunda daha yeniyim EU Emerald serverına başladım bunun sebebi ise eu diğerlerine göre daha düşük pingli olması yeni başlayanlar druid ile başlarsa daha rahat eder yazmışlar yabancı forumlarda ama ben slot kesmekte zorlanıyorum neyse benim sorum şu 10 level olduğumda crafting açıldı bu craftingi geliştirmeli miyim ve hangilerini geliştirmeliyim
  6. Don't close the start-craft window (when we click Start, keep it open) So we can start the same job several times, without having to select it again E.g. to craft 5x Gems, select Gem then click Start 5 times
  7. I got craft license from mentor. Tried to use it. Said not enough slots. How many slots for first low level item. And what do I do to make enough slot room? Do I need to drop weapon?
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