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  1. Already been made a useless suggestion Aze. Nearly every tank here has a damage reduction skill (barb-roar bd-sapp pally- fetters dks - dark shield) Would've made a nice suggestion otherwise...
  2. Not all, just 2 I've seen before.
  3. I gues the logic would be to go from old to new then.
  4. I can throw more juicy facts about those that are eager to block something, if I spot on the bridges or the entrances to nadir there's always an army of blockers nearby, call upon these with no life to treshol your precious banner xd
  5. No, he's a known nekophile.
  6. Aware that's there's some backtracking/side quests etc, never played a single zelda game in my life and recently I've watched some videos about 2 games.
  7. Too many /4/ references are lurking these forums
  8. Xd in honesty it died already, I just see people throwing out of topic stuff in here.
  9. If the elfs are defending I'm sure that they kno the most favorite class will be lurking in the shadows of the flag. Lately there's been multiple skills which can detect a rogue in his or her stealth. Simply place a hard banner, dragons eye or traps/rush/explosives around.
  10. I'm thinking about playing the zelda games. Anyone kno a specific order to go with? Had in mind of going from first to last, or what I can play on a mobile emulator at least.
  11. Just a question. What's the point of this topic now?
  12. Shoo, I'll force warp 4x to activate barrier
  13. As above mentioned, previously when you used to revive on spot or finish up an arena match you used to receive glorious blue wings buffs which were a sort of God mode vs other players. But yeah since the wars have been released they've changed the way this goes now, instead of reviving on spot with 10% your hp and energy you get 50% of both. Blue wings are still active but they've taken away the invulnerability effect that it used to give.
  14. Well its not my issue, not then not now. And I'm pretty sure it was 2 years ago, at least that's when I got into Eu I believe. (Could've been 3, maybe you're right with this) But yea I just read how you think I'm twisting when I'm trying to clear up things, not my concern at this point but you kno white knights on little ponies etc. Yeah..
  15. 2years ago, yeah. Lexi inform him wether I was at US or EU back then. The mysterious friend wasn't so mysterious, I've simply gotten a mage SD back in thus period and I made a simple deal with her (nothing free was to be given) In order for her to get the baton I've been wanting a somewhat exclusive set for my barb which I was levelling around this period (not sure if I was in phalanx or abc at this period, fill this in for me) So the deal was simple, in order for her to get Le baton de la sudden dewm id get my first and most expensive kw armour.
  16. Well, I can't say that back then it was a bad trade, I mean come on what use did my druid have for a mage sd staff (before magic united)That kw body was put to good use though.
  17. Until the day you revive kill yourself :")
  18. Don't ask me about it, I'm not aware of what should and what shouldn't.
  19. One day.. One day.... One day I'll charge that flag so hard... It'll come flying right at you as you're picking up your money.. *censorship* Life.
  20. Don't care who darklord is doubt anyone does. Bump for interest.
  21. I think only warp should be a skill to activate barrier, else I call nerf on you!
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