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    U crying to hv more parry cause u weak agaisnt range classes? :yahoo:
  2. How u know hes using same ip in both accounts? =O About his equips lvl 7+ equiped i agree devs need desequip it...
  3. Im hearing eletronic music till servers back xD #xheroghost Why so serious? :give_rose:
  4. Sometimes they put new contents in maintence without tell it xD
  5. Isnt devs fault if guild leaders dont know how they trust to invite or give rank, also can change amoumt of gold for withdraw by rank
  6. But still hv many many bots in 07 :(
  7. Its like Necromancer heal/shield, each time a Warlock use circle/plash he will lose 5%-10% of his health points, i think this just to they THINK before spam AoE skills like crazy. Sure it wont underpower them, cause they can still be untouchable with strategie and be healed, and wont be useless cause, as i said, they wont just spam skills.
  8. Sponsor is for android deevices, not computers
  9. Ye many ppl kiting, i stoped play cause was very bored for some months too =/
  10. Lol, it means some ppl trust fast in ppl they dont know, not that ur trustable
  11. 2 equis of same set = first bonus4 equips of same set = both bonus
  12. Mage get Dark Defense in Cape too, cant u see? But who can get sun defense in cape or in ring? Mages hv free 600 dark def when warloks can hv sun defense just with runes?
  13. Ye, make it lvl 10, and buy a spear
  14. For me wickedmage was best necro, medium amped and still got #1 in arena rank, but hes gone :unknw:
  15. Well, druids can pvp 1x1 warlocks with same chance of win to both. If circle just stop, will just continue op against meele, but if u pvp against a druid/shaman ull be killed so easy... I think now its ok for locks, if u see mage, it kills meeles so easy like a warlock... I think need create a balance meele x range, not just one class
  16. Warlocks have their cape, but the best cape used have dark defense *z* u forgot it? But where cape with sun defense? Dont come talk about that cloack 18 with low def... U have free dark def isntead of 2% dodge... When we dont hv sun def... Mage have more dark def than warlok have sun def with same equips
  17. Its commom not receive chests in all char in time, just wait some time, like all days of this event. Idk why ppl still post it :unknw:
  18. Try go 2x2 or 3x3 for less made teams
  19. Btw, no matter be pro pala or dk if we just toys to warloks/shamans/druids
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