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  1. Ninja is having issues with his touchscreen he cant play right now it might be a coupleof weeks before he can get a new phone he can get on and everything but he can move talk or do anything just wanted to let u know ;D my email actually served a purpose lmao :rofl:
  2. :blush: i like this :blush: i hate playing on comp bc the shortcuts r retarded :nea:
  3. just thought id revive a SUPER old post for no reason :yahoo:
  4. why "hifriends" guild not get silver chest :shok: on the guild list 256-258 were 1st 2nd and 3rd they had the trophy and everything we fought it out trying to keep that secong place and yet we get nothing whats the point in putting the trophies there if u dont get a reward for staying in them :wacko:
  5. wrong place put in suggestions
  6. hello dain :pardon: was wondering if u would like to join me in alliane in my soon to be created guild DarkLegion :pleasantry: we could open up a coop guild page so that all members r aware of their allies in the opposite guild i've learned alot in my 1 & 1/2 oh gameplay and that i could teach my guild members good strategies for each class and it would benefit the both of us bc we will both be increasing out influence on the mc side yours truly- Xcon
  7. well that escalated quickly :pleasantry:
  8. i got 2 +4 lvl blades with 6 signs :D'
  9. I wanna join on my rouge :pardon:
  10. Well guys this is it :pardon: this is were i say good bye, U guys were the best but i still have an urge to solo, that and i have a bad habit of being nice to guild members, i cnt wait till the day u guys r the top guild in ranking. good luck and many good drops to u.
  11. Phones back on, im back in the guild, life is great ;D
  12. oh plz dont give them ideas about money :(
  13. i see an instaban approaching :rofl:
  14. it will be three to five days before my sim card comes in to turn on my phone so plz save me a spot because i didnt leave on pupose my brother got hold of my phone and made me leave the guild if uve filled my slot already i understand :sorry: ill just go back to soloing
  15. ill gladly disagree bc not all r rich and buy tix like that and have to do dailies and farm to get enough gold for tickets so i say its fair enough and not only that not many players can so many times in a row. espicailly if going random
  16. its simple in theory really 4 teams ( 2 fighters in each) Ur team will have white names and the other 3 will have red names it will basically be a 4 way free for all which would be awesome :shok: i dont think devs will go for it tho
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