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  1. Высокий вход, я хотел бы видеть его в игре, детали удивительным и босс выглядит просто здорово! Я надеюсь, что вы выиграете чувак. Удачи мат!
  2. Searching in game, but nothing I can find. I am lucky everyday finding something...
  3. heavybowus, Right answer bro! Congrats you got a like.
  4. Welcome! Let's get into it fast. Two new features have been added to our game, disable guild and party invitations. The question is, when you enable any of those features and someone invites you to a guild or a party, will you be able to know that someone invited you to any? The answer will be given in 9h if none has answered it. Take care and good luck!
  5. This sucks alright, NO!
  6. lallouss, Idk about being equipped and Idk about them being backed to the base equipment after cancelling the craft job. But what Ik is that they can be amplified and enchanted. Good job Zeus!
  7. What's up guys? Today bringing you a brand new question, let's check it: The craft feature is a nice feature was added to the game, some craft jobs asks the player some rare craft consumables with a piece of defensive or offensive equipment, now the question comes. Should those pieces of equipment whether they were defensive or offensive be completely unenchanted (amplified or enhanced by a rune/crystal) so you can craft the craft job? The answer will be given in 13h if none has answered it. Take care and good luck everyone!
  8. What I meant in my statement is, you have the most stun and damaging AOE skills, look at most of the sentinel side's AOE skills, they're just increasing powers or something like that, not stuns and slowing down enemies.
  9. x

    Birthday Party

    Texas. Lol, my grand parents kept going there when they were in America for 2 years. They told me their stories with it. It is a nice place! Have fun Bopp!
  10. Since when you have been interested in the name Styxa? In the last christmas, right? But what made you interested?
  11. Why did you necropost this topic Livinia? Lol....
  12. x

    Quiz of the day XXV

    I wanted to answer it after the 12h finished, but forgot. Lol, ok, np. Kitige you get a 2 star rate on your profile. Hard luck for others and good luck in next times!
  13. Ya, they better defend their flags with their locks and AOEers rather than standing and travelling to other islands to allow us win. I don't see anyone in mcs camp who are defending against us. I remember when the update has been released, mcs did a great job defending us, but now you don't want to defend and we're happy with it gaining awesome bonuses. There's none leads you and tell you to gather in an area so you can defend, that's why we beat you. You better do something and stop complaining that you're outnumbered. You are outnumbered, but you don't do anything about it, you don't even defend. You have the most AOE skills in game, use them well, not by ganking in PvP cave or around nadir or in any other place.
  14. Welcome back guys, How are you today? Get yourselves ready for a new question. We all know the new guilds' dungeon, Champions Coliseum, the system of dungeons in the game asks you to finish each difficulty of the dungeon to reach the highest, heroic, but in the Coliseum there's another rule, you have to be in a guild party, now the question comes. If I did the easy/normal level of the Coliseum in Xxxxx guild which has one #1 cup then I left it to join another guild, Xxxx, which has 5 #1 cup. I wanted to try the hard difficulty, should I finish easy and normal levels before so I can do the hard level because it is a new guild? If none has answered the question, the answer will be given in 12h. Take care and good luck!
  15. Now I have an idea of a boss, but I want to ask if I can use an already game's made-drawing because it will be the same. Yes, I gonna turn a game costume into a boss.
  16. Finished my oral A1 DELF exam, let's wait for the results in June! :) Wish me luck dudes! @}-

    1. heavybowus


      Nice! Very good luck bro hope you pass it !:)

    2. x


      Thank you bro! ^_^

  17. Right answer TheCabbage, you get a like. Ayvondil quests and their new way of getting the quest items by exchanging them for several items allows me to do what I did, I gathered 15 cinnabar and went to the NPC and exchanged my signs of filth for cinnabar, which are 5 for 5 and made them 20 items. Good luck in next times Zeus.
  18. TheCabbage, what bought? How can I buy a yellow quest item?
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