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  1. x

    Lab Farm

    i hv dark set bt just when i be lvl 17 ill use it
  2. ok before i read it i knew its awesome my bro
  3. x


    1stborn is the best alwayz
  4. ok i dk alot of pple in eu bt i k 1 guy i think he can be the best bd in eu jayrox n m sure from that bt wt i dk y hes 7% n theres ginis 10% is stronger than jayrox if that np bt m still with jayrox
  5. x


    v3.4.4 is just on ios i try it n like Arthq the changes thats gona happened n these changes is right n i tried it all of it
  6. x

    help me

    n wts the meaning of putting the poll ur name n pisetboy name can u tell me n we on wt hv 2 vote
  7. ok when u gona do it ???? :unknw: :unknw: :unknw:
  8. ill be rdy :spiteful:
  9. can u answer me gyz plz bac 2 page 3 n see my Q thx
  10. nice :* i like it very very very much ur awesome in arena ur sexy 2 bt 1 thing u gank in pvp with some pple like me n u say u dnt gank when u post that u hv +10 u said ull kill who ganked u before bt i ddnt so dnt touch me bt forget u hv 2 k me 1st bt np ur sexy :*:*:*:*:*
  11. x

    Debuffer SCAMMER

    wtf hw hes talking 2 his self in game i k u can send 2 ur self bt it wont be with green color like hes his friend it be with white
  12. :'( me ddnt join oh......... :'(
  13. admin ronald u can see my chrs down there if u can pm me in game ill be glade for that i wnt talk 2 u in something n for hlp call me at chr xmk
  14. i k wt m talking about gyz listen 2 me believe me :friends:
  15. it cnt be 763 DMG bro thats possable n even if that the only 1 can get 2 that DMG r the Blade Dancers n mayb rogues can 2
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