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  1. bro..after u click new topic.. u can find addfile button below text typing area!upload directly from ur destop.. (use pc)
  2. i didn't calculate... this s what happening in my barb i do Defeat 350 on wild boar and Chop + Defeat 420 at present
  3. I dunno.. i can equipped but i just want to... I made this Axe myself for this Contest ... ..\Plz allow me r0land
  4. just dont make my weapon to 'lost'.... thats all i want
  5. now... i going or another SKILL now 509g
  6. one chop, give bonus if defeat normal 350, then chop+defeat 420
  7. lol..i myself earned..just..700g kore..i can make it today...tku alll
  8. actually..idk whats happening here...&bump
  9. the lang..suks..i quit bcoz of the lang! my necro is abt to die:'(.not even finisshed CL:'(
  10. ur accu might be less than 10% i think so!! accu is imp for charge!
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