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  1. Well.... I beat pliskin and tpain:D Not yins though.......
  2. In my opinion best bd is yins,pliskin,and tpain.. Their top bd in us so get over it:D
  3. All i can say is their the top bds:P
  4. Hello guys How is clan going?
  5. Hey anonymous... I have had a great time with youll, and im really sad that i wasn't in any videos of this clan... But i hope youll have a great time and respect each other... Tell this to Legionn too if you see himm.... I am leaving clan because some people in clan dont respect me... But ill leave and move on thank.....Please take my name off the list
  6. Panembra...Your gf is naked :shok: :rofl: perverttttt....
  7. Whosare the 10 strongest bd?
  8. Dmarzo

    site hackers

    :facepalm: gm should watch trade chat everyday because a person trying to get people's accounts,because they are poor :rofl:,but youll should....BTW NICE UPDATE.now my brother can level easy ,and getting ready for new update..
  9. :rofl: many comments hahahahahaha...AND JAW YOUR A SCAMMER.....SCAMMED MY ENEMY LORDBLOODY :facepalm:
  10. :'( you forgot me pliskin.... :shok: :rofl:
  11. 8) sup guys....lordbloody mean,thats all I gotta sayy ,and I told legionn what,happened :wacko:
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