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  1. Dear Admin :give_rose: , i always face problem whenever u make the update. :wacko: i kindly request you to try first on ur pcs mobiles den launch it :diablo: . will appreciate your support O:-) .
  2. Another scammer is POOJA. Dis id belongs to shreesha, but aien asked dat she will play and after some time she changed da login details. I kindly request u all to do not share and details with pooja, angleaien.
  3. another scammer is POOJA. Dis id belongs to shreesha, but aien asked dat she want to play and she changed da id and password of pooja. Now aien is playing pooja where as she is not the owner of pooja. And plz i request all to do not share id with pooja.
  4. i was deleting a noob druid from my id but my ranger deleted. While deleting da druid i entered da name of druid but ranger deleted. I sent the mail to support but i did not got any response from dem. Do any one know da process of getting my ranger back.
  5. no one can beat hassn in 1vs1 And he is da king of emerald :*. I proud to hav player like hassn with mc :D
  6. dear kuz your noob update making problem for me :diablo: . i am facing data caching problem with v3.0.0 v3.0.2 is showing certification error and contact the application provider. plz fix dis issue from last 5 days i did not play da game :cray: .
  7. This link is showing cerification error contact the application provide Plz help me i want to play da gamer
  8. dear kuz i felt happy after lnowing ur duckin super duper update. :pleasantry: what the duck u r doing from last three days i am facing problem with data caching :cray: . i sent a number of quotes but i did not find the solution from you :diablo: . u r kindly requested to fix this issue immediately. :wacko:
  9. i use Nokia E71. Bad Still i struck with data caching. Kuz plz fix dis issue. I did not open da game even once. Plzzzzzz i want to play
  10. dear kuz i hate ur duckin update. When ever u update da application i face problem. If u cant update a application with oyr errors plz dont disturb my application.. If u cant fix da issue of data cathing by today.......... And my contact number is 00966569578612.
  11. i am also facing problem with data catching. Kouz y u lock da datacahing topic. Do u want to fix dis issue r no. I use 3.5g and my handset is E71. I am eagerly waiting to play dis version. Plz solve dis.
  12. kuz what da hell u r doing. On ur every development i am facing problem. Wtf is datacaching i tried more dan 100 times but still i am strucking with data cahing. Plz fix this issue immediately.
  13. irfansha


    plz some one solve data catching issue i use e71
  14. irfansha


    kuzmit u still did not fix dis issue. Waiting for ur action
  15. irfansha


    i too hav da sme problem with data catching plz fix this issue at your earliest
  16. hi, when I am crossing from even track and shaman road the application is exiting there may b other placese but I did not try to cross. Even I format my mobile. still I have the same issue. In 2.08 I did not face this problem. Plz advice me. I am starting the game daily more than 20 times.
  17. If I add the password I can remember. But I didn't done this that's y I post in forum. If u can advice me plz advice which can solve the issue. Otherwise have noodles and sleep
  18. i lost my password. after updation of 2.1 i delete the old version i re installed new after that it is asking the password. plz help me i need my password i dont want to start from lvl1 plz help me guys :cray: :( :sorry:
  19. I did not add anypassword to my accoutn after update it is asking the password what is the default password plz let me know.
  20. I did it but no progree.i still have the old version2.08 I am unable to update the application. Plz some one help me i want to play the game all my frnds r waiting for me.
  21. The link iis showing certification erroe plz help me all r moving forward but i struc with this issue.
  22. i have e-71 handset. I have to install warspear through nokia ovistore. When i install from ovistore it is installing old version. Plz let me no the best way to install this app. I want to talk some one of mc emarald plz give me ur contact number.
  23. I too have the problem in installing i have nokia-e71 When i try to install 2.1 it is installing 2.08 coz it is not updated in ovistore. Plz solve the issue or suggest me if there is any source
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