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  1. its been several days we are having serious problem regarding not being able to play warspear on symbian handset, we managed to download the game but it crashes when we try to log in...i would kindly request dev. to fix the problem, if there is any way that the game can be fixed pls do inform me.
  2. cretificate error shows every time i install the game. Its very sad that symbian users are not being able to play the new update, we r way back from competition..i request game developer to post valid game on download server cause it useless downloading this update.
  3. :facepalm: no sign of :facepalm: change! Moderator atleast say something for the players about the update!!
  4. if u guys think its just our players fault,then listen any game company release their game by fully testing n fixing bugs to satisfy their player/customer..and guys we are not crying nor we are not able to understand the situation, im just highlighting the ignorance of developers and moderator..atleast they should write something for the players on forum..people should know whats going on..
  5. Warspear have been losing lot of player because of unsatisfied player/customer, cause of the new useless version, like data caching on symbian, 5sec delay on android ,login error on many devices etc. players have been waiting for answers but no one seems to care..wtf! Greedy developers.
  6. i feel pity for players because lots of people have been playing this game since the beginning now they have been left stranded.update? Wtf! Players spend lot of money on this game and in return they get bad feed back..if im wrong lot of fixes have to be fixed like data caching on symbian devices, 5sec delay on android ,fake quest and many more...Developer work fast otherwise you are loose lot of players and that means loss to the company.
  7. Developers, i dont have any idea why you guys gave 25 july for the release of new version 3.0, when you guys were not ready and just updated incomplete version..major fixes need to be fixed for symbian, iphone, android and other platforms,before players quit and game goes down.
  8. cant loggin...its showing data caching again and again..pls help im using symbian
  9. Hey Dragon clan help me wid krattn other berre guard pls.
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