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  1. meal after exercise, around 10 pm how do you move around your town? (yea, like.. car, bus.. you get it c: )
  2. i got them all ! not pokemons, but cat costumes in my blade dancer, amongst with a few others. rogue lv24 has nothin but [spring Prince]
  3. cleans his body with shampoo and his head with soap
  4. oh lucky you ! i wish i was at Candyland, it is winter here and my butt feels like an igloo !
  5. holaa ! how's the weather at Candyland?! is it sweet?! is it crispy?!
  6. goin on vacations with my frends from monday to friday !! what's the best thing that's gonna happend to you in the next week?
  7. i'm not gettin older that soon any sun flower seeds luvr !
  8. picturs of last night ended up online, i'm screwed ! oh well
  9. we gonna beat ur ass ! revenge! #allforumodnabs
  10. cheer fur Argentina next world cup ?
  11. my non-nerdy pics are not allowed here! but i can take a pic of a flag somewhere in my city ! xp
  12. this is my Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! face try it !
  13. idk hehe i always feel like rulan is gonna get up in a bad mood some day and be like
  14. take it easy chiks we're all friends here, right? c:
  15. rulan don't get nervous, it's just a game. pls no ban
  16. Remus Lupin? Diego from Ice Age? Nemo? Catdog?! #gentlefishlike
  17. mortal kombat 3 posts is science going to create flying chickens before evolution does?
  18. and stuff? jesys h. cryst, i dont wanna know what that means btw, i think you meant gentelionlike xdd rawr !
  19. ohh can i try it can i try it??!! let's see.. ummm.. 1.. Use a discontinued mc shop costume 2. Make everyone jealous about the fact that it's even amongst one of the few in the server. 3. Special snowflake go ahead Snowkath, call me Richens
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