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  1. hi everyone ^^ nick : snowred server : EU-emerald good luck for all
  2. wow! bro ince is here tooo,,good luckkk thereeee ^^
  3. Hi guys,,let's meet my boss named innestaasia ^^ We all know that the king orin together with his legion had destroyed Ayvondil at the beginning of the war. Although now Ayvondil has been destroyed but the Dark elf, the original tribe of Ayvondil survivors tried to rebuild their homeland . Apparently there was a particular reason why the king orin made Ayvondil as their first target . Moon priestess, the wisest woman who led the dark elf had a forbidden relationship with the King orin. King Orin was living with fear knowing that The moon priestess was pregnant . King orin then c
  4. participating in this contest,,hope u all like it
  5. thnx for all friends who help us...we did it ..yayyyyy
  6. When will this lag gone? I got lag in every 2 mnts :search: :facepalm:
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