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  1. he caught a Moltres in the first day of his very own Pokemon adventure !
  2. the evil yushito ! must b banned! somebody call the girls ! pew pew pew ! din din dididin din ! power puff ! din din dididin ! power puff !
  3. you see, i'm looking for the queenfish, maybe you have seen her
  4. you cheatd asking 3 questions i rather have no elbows, people always hits their elbows against furniture are you a good loser? (am a terrible loser!)
  5. Panchen

    Ganks in pvpcave

    that's what i said.. genkers
  6. Panchen

    Ganks in pvpcave

    if you're mc.. cave is a cool place to chill.. if you're elf.. and low amped, you dy by genkers if you're elf.. and high amped.. pvp place it's life
  7. Private Cowboy ! where are you going?! Welcome Daria ! I'm Panchen and i like everything related to chickens
  8. amazon rainforsts are for weak people Hassn #1 PRO?
  9. who let the dogs out ! woof, woof woof woof woof ! how many dogs have you had?
  10. my body, my free mind, my outstanding skill to bake pizza how old is your dog?
  11. everything is so blue ! town, kitten, eyes, cat, daily quest mark, menu buttom and the sea ! i'm going down.. to the bottom of the sea .. and if i never ever ever leave this sea.. the water is warm .. come dive with me !
  12. i don't know about richs and PROs and skills and experience with loks all i know is.. Hassn is PRO
  13. not ruland ! someone whose name starts with any of this letters: C H I C K E N
  14. Shadowtear, Yesyoucan, Hassn, Absalom (?, Mofh, Nastika ofc
  15. Panchen

    Bate papo

    obrigado ! che cherere che che cherere che che ! Panchenbr e voce !
  16. there was a previous beauty contest where the winners were chosen by facebook votes, and everyone ended up hyper angry cuz some of those winners shared their pics in facebook groups created to get likes for contests .
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