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  1. Hello all again, just this idea come in my mind while doing swamp quest.. it would be great if we have a second hand dealer and food`s seller in Kotaravva too. :blush:
  2. me and my friends were talking about this today morning.we can change our eyes colur with contact lenses,how if we can change our eyes colour in game too. ;D
  3. ty .. Eucalyptus, xloveablex.. :)
  4. shadows is easy with well organised party and with pot`s.. :dirol:
  5. Jenny

    Clan: TSP

    what do you mean? :unknw:
  6. ty sis,your poll idea is added now.. :yahoo:
  7. Exactly.. not same like faction skin colour after all thats the faction origin but little change only, would look more better.
  8. All gears and costumes will be looks likes what body build you choosed :)S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL, (want more sizes? :blush:)
  9. yes i know that chars already have their ingame ethnicity.Warspear players are from all around the world and how if we can change our appearance in game too. dont you guys like to tell world who are you and from where? And thanks for supporting this suggestion and for your thougts :)
  10. Hello All, I would like to share some me and my friens`s idea`s with you all about our character appearance. advance character appearance. ■ Character Build/Type. • Petite • Slim • Medium • Cuddly • Well Build • Overwieght ■ Character Eye`s Type. • Blue • Brown • Green • Hazel • Grey • any other suggestion?? ■ Ethnic Origin. • Caucasian/White • Asian • African • East Indian • Mixed Race? • Middle Eastern • Latin Amerian/Hispanic • any other suggestion??
  11. Jenny

    Clan: TSP

    ohh really where? :shok:hmmm let me guess... in your dream? :lol:
  12. you make me cry too.. :bad: but now im not small child. >:D :tease:
  13. Jenny

    kitty poll

    i have moon,flamy,night kitty costumes... :blush: EDITED: i just saw many ppl vote last kitty.. :lol:
  14. lava monster.. xD J.K... hehe ;D Ladygi is rite. its brown slime.. :lol: :lol: :lol: nice guess...
  15. Jenny

    Earthquake problem

    w.l already weak.. less hp and tissue armour.. :bad:smalling w.l circle mean weakest class in w.s. :facepalm:
  16. yeah low rate + few flower`s only for collect.. but that`s not a problem, becous people`s still can buy blue quest item`s from other or m.dealer/m.shop.it very anoying when 3-4 peoples doing same quest for complete yellow quest and it`s already few flowers+ low rate..
  17. yeah flowers in 5th town damn low rate.. :facepalm: took me more than hour to collect all (quest collect boarface imp ashes,boar hides and damn flower). :bad:
  18. Jenny

    Clan: TSP

    yeah you mother of grandma » great grandma.. :lol:tehehe ;D
  19. Jenny

    Clan: TSP

    mia bambino? :shok:okay mama mia.. :blush: hehehe ;D
  20. idk its my browser opera problem or my mobile :crazy:later i check with pc and love it.. :blush:
  21. Jenny

    Clan: TSP

    buona fortuna, spero si vince. :give_rose:
  22. yeah wierd i cant see right side wing in first post :bad: emblem in second post looks good and perfect. :good: :clapping: Nagustuhan ko ang gawa moh. O:-)
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