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  1. wtf, my rogue cant move and attacking, finaly die again. :lol:
  2. i agree, so every player can fair to arena n get some arena points.
  3. wtf devs never responding about problem with US server,,,
  4. fix the problem for server down everytime at US-sapphre server please,
  5. why i got 20 points only for win arena 2x2 lvl 15-18?
  6. what about new boss black jack? why mobs tempress cant attack for mc? anyone can tell me about it?
  7. cross cross cross, finally u will got to kotaravva :D
  8. i need costume event bt i havent mcoins to buy, add sms payment for indonesian players plse, so we can easy to get mcoins n buy all items mcoins. :!
  9. wtf, i was forgoted who helping for chainless
  10. wish u have best for ur real life z, cya
  11. lol, i never get some rere item, still got junk, that very poor for me :D
  12. add "twinlight" BD lvl 20 at hacker list, he change pasword my account n other plyer after borrow that account. ty.
  13. wtf kuz, i hope this upgrade nothing bug n error again like previos upgrade
  14. that link download uneble to install to my symbian 6210c, n code *#7670# not working.
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