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    SNP reacted to mailliwdxb in Fix Blade Dancer   
    Normal attack, not base dmg
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    SNP reacted to fkum777 in What about making shaman's earthquake into a... real earthquake?   
    That will change the whole system. Your idea just like Final Fantasy games, some skill (earth/floor damage) cant hit levitating mobs.
    Dev must rebalance the skill, another skill like druid's root and ranger's trap also dont make sense can hit levitating mob
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    SNP got a reaction from MCocktail in The best update in your opinion   
    I choose the 3.0 Update (Crossroads of Destiny) as the best update. In that update we got the two new factions - chosen and forsaken.
    It brought us many new things. It brought two new island that were nothing but beautiful. It was a real pleasure to do quests on the new islands. The environment was mouthwatering piece of eye candy.
    It also brought new quests and with them new plots, which extended the story of warspear and gave answers on some of our questions regarding the history of warspear.
    It introduced also two new factions, which brought the amout of different playable classes to 12. Now we had more opportunities than ever before and it was easier to pick a class, who was suited for one's style of play best. Now we had attacking wizards, tanks who could heal and more. We got a bigger diversity.
    I still rememeber, how I, just after game finally was updated, started playing the new factions. I played from around midnight to 4 AM (04:00). Luckily, I didn't have to go to school that day. 
    But gosh, there was a huge amount of people playing. There was chaos. I have never seen so few people at Irselnort as at that day. Not before and not after.
    And everybody was kind and there was a historical high teamwork between the players.
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