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What about making shaman's earthquake into a... real earthquake?

To be an earthquake or not to be. That is the question.  

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  1. 1. Should shaman's earthquake be a real earthquake?

    • No, it's fine as it is now.
    • Yes, it should. How can an earthquake hit birds and dragons?
    • Well, it should actually be changed, but I don't want to change it as it would feel wrong. It would be weird to see earthquakes not hitting birds and dragons.

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Hey everybody.  ::)



I want to suggest a change for shaman's earthquake. Some of you may have played shaman. You were maybe fighting a bird with your shaman. You used eartquake, and the bird got hit and died. Pretty normal or what? :unknw:




Have you ever thought about that you just hit something that was hovering above the ground? :shok: How is that possible? I mean, it's called EARTHquake, not quake, airquake or  earthandairquake. And if the bird didn't die, it would get trapped in the air by an EARTHquake.

Or elementals. It's big pieces of an element levitating above the ground. Still hit by earthquake.


My suggestion is that earthquake becomes a real earthquake. That it won't affect flying mobs (Like birds, dragons and wyverns) and levitating mobs (Like ghosts and elementals). :aggressive:




What do you think about my suggestion?  ::)



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That will change the whole system. Your idea just like Final Fantasy games, some skill (earth/floor damage) cant hit levitating mobs.


Dev must rebalance the skill, another skill like druid's root and ranger's trap also dont make sense can hit levitating mob

Oh mighty lord, I forgot trap and root.

But root can be discussed, can't it? I mean, nobody said how high those roots are.  ;D But yes. Trap and root (And plash and circle?) should also be changed.

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