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  1. Make a DK heal skill 8)
  2. My DK stats after 1000 arena fights 3v3, all random. ..so DK not that bad actually :) Seems like image uppload dont work but 1000 3v3 on random 603 win
  3. Im looking for active pro guild. This old timer has been around for a long time :/ left a coupple of inactive guild and will now only join onliners ..so if u want, pls inv at lvl 3 or whenever free spot /spacehoq (tafka spacehog :P)
  4. 60 pots later, no drop, but a very nice screenshot :pleasantry:
  5. Rich ppl braging bout $$ :drinks:
  6. is it just me? dosnt this guy suck ass?! not really one good skill?? :shok:
  7. how do i post the vid without only linking it? :(
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