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  1. :rofl: this again? didn't I prove b4 that I whooped ur weak wl (with u having a doom) 4 outa 4 times? do I need to put those pics up again? :facepalm: . feel proud hero. u beat me...... with a tree after I logged on half life. :rofl: ur such a pro.
  2. ;D no it's cuz u told me u didn't have one
  3. I agree 100% wtf did u get urself into :facepalm: :rofl:
  4. sapphire


    u never asked me ;D but it's not like mc is much different than elf :search:
  5. :shok: jaw. why u have mickey mouse on ur exit button?
  6. :facepalm: can anyone tell me why on earth the ppl that claim to be pro gank instead of pvp? and if u challenge them to a pvp they tell u to come to the cave where all the no namers r ganking every elf they see? Is this seriously the only way they can win is to gank? if it is I feel really bad that u spend all day everyday on a game and got no where for how long now? :rofl:
  7. sapphire

    English 101

    :facepalm: just fyi I aced english, but on a game ppl anonciate, no one wants to take the time to spell stuff out over a game.
  8. :cray: bye apoc. was fun makin fun of u and makin u cry. jk it was fun *HI* O:-)
  9. O:-) so hero challenged me to another pvp today cuz he amped his staff to +9. and I beat him using my +6 the whole time. 4 pvps.
  10. ;D thats proof that eyit has never seen boobs b4 other than when he breastfed, he was just trying to figure out if the lumps were testicals on her chest and got all excited :rofl:
  11. OMG :shok: wtf is that? at first glance I thought it was a wet chihuahua :shok: then I got a lil closer and looks like one of those pug dogs. WTF!!!!
  12. :clapping: Im flattered but dont think many would agree
  13. I'll buy it for 500k and 3 sets of signs ;D
  14. :facepalm: I didn't gank u. my group was being ganked, I didn't see u and time signalling to pvp so I shielded him and atked u b4 I realized who u were and stopped. that happened 2 times cuz we were ganked inbtwn. so ur sissy a** runs and gets help to kill me cuz u can't do it alone even with +10 dooms. so get over urself.
  15. :friends: sure just let me know when. :clapping: cuz I openly dont like u and Im pretty sure u know why :diablo: rite back stabber?
  16. wasn't imaginary btw. u just werent on the arena team. and I wish I would've ss it but ne time u guys wanna 3v3 or 5v5 let me know :good: Im sure I'll find willing guild participants ::)
  17. lol congrats :yahoo: and same here
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