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  1. :facepalm: Yes barb is balanced, the problem lies in the fact to get the same dot paladins have to sacrifice base line dps which is one area they already fall behind barbs and blade dancers, so it just gets worse. Then you have to look at base hp where paladins are lower, health regen base which paladins are also lower. Combine all this with the fact barbs and blade dancers have outstanding dmg reduction abilities, which prevent more dmg than a paladin could ever hope to heal in the same amount of time. All this says paladins need alittle work. I've got the lvl 19 barb to compare in game perfo
  2. But there is a misconception here. Astral wasn't fixed as in your toons astral = foj dot dmg, its a percentage of your total. What has paladin users piturbed is how lousy the dot is. Even with the best paladin astral gear in game (doom mace + crystal, rings, cloak) the rank 5 foj dot on my paly is right about the same as my lvl 19 barbs rank 5 chop. And to get it even there right off the top I lost base weapon dmg using the astral crystal, which in turn then makes the axe not only faster but doing more dmg, with penetration bonuses. I do agree with the statement paladins are useful in group pv
  3. Slower attack times and decrease in dmg is a nerf there smart guy. But in regards to your post your right paladins can do all those things. The problem lies in the fact that while the idea is sound they cannot do all those things at once or well, in pvp there isn't enough time nor do they have enough energy points if they did. If they specialize in heal they cannot dps enough to drop the other tank classes, if they go for dmg they cannot match the survivability of the other tank classes.
  4. Imho two handed ax is much better than the hammer, but mace is much better than hatchet as long as astral is on it.
  5. Obviously youve not played a high lvl paladin yet. Barbs and blade dancers out dps, out tank paladins period. Thats including heal and aura into the survivability factor. We are out matched. And while we don't use skill points for our dot we do have to use up crystal slots on gear to get the dmg even close to a barb or blade dancers dot. Then take into consideration while all you have to do is click a button once, we have to save our purification strike until we have foj active on target , which is nt always accurate, then get a puny dot.
  6. Before the last big update paladins felt very viable in pvp. Now however, even max lvl top gear, it feels like I'm playing a barbarian back in the .7 days, and those that remember it wasn't much fun. The idea and intent of the paladin class is great but its lost its teeth please do something to help em out.
  7. If it goes by total astral ,then why is my foj dmg only ticking at 97 when my astral total from gear is 167?
  8. Slowing mace attack time didn't exactly help paladins out either. Apparently devs thought paladins needed the nerf hammer, can't say I agree.
  9. then I guess a good time was had by all!
  10. sorry had to pop in on this one but you yourself just wasted a couple revives, but I will say you made one hell of a run for it.
  11. Same here but I'm chosen side of the fence 18lvl paly.
  12. Also went on to say there will be no new items introduced, meaning that the only lvl 18 items which are lab weapons and armor will be attainable by quest reward. I think half a dozen other posts already clarified that.
  13. Problem is only a select few were getting the rare 18lvl item drops then either sat on them or auctioned them for ridiculous amounts of gold or mcoins, and the commons weren't able to get their hands on them to spend mcoins to enchant or amplify which is probably the largest group of players paying aigrinds bills. So now everyone gets them everyone can go back to spending money on mcoins again.
  14. I actually grin allittle when I see necros as my opponent in the arena.
  15. Honestly straying away from mace and shield for any twothander seems impractical. Paladins imho are more of the weather the storm type. Meaning use your astral and heal to out survive your opponent. Not saying a paly can't lay out the dps, but if you want a dps class roll a ranger.
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