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  1. Welcome to the guild melfice and shilan
  2. Thank u so much for accepting me sir. Big thanks to those who help me in . ,and thanks alot for the warm welcome , ,luvya guys ,godbless us all mhuah
  3. Greetings to all: My name is Rose,I'm 22 y/o. I've been playing warspear for alm0st a year n0w and i've created 4 mc characters named XVIXENX,JELEIGN,llVIXZERll and BESTNECRO (all level 20 w/good equips). I am an active player,spent more than 12 hours in playing and I'd love to do quest and arena especially for the guild. I have always admired ABC guild bcoz of its stability,achievements and popularity.But,honestly, I would like to join here bcoz it is an active & strong guild with good management and unity. I've talked w/few mems and they all seem very nice and friendly. I hope u c
  4. hello ABC pipz, My in game name is xvixenx. I would like to join because i have always admired this guild and I just hope to have fun times with new and awesome people. Another reason is bcoz my boyfriend(juandlcruz)is in the guild and I want to be part of this guild w/him.
  5. Points. - Guild leader will receive Miracle Coins spent on guild leveling and the expansion of guild warehouse (will be returned today). All the remaining problems caused can be solved with the help of our Technical Support. Enjoy the game! AIGRIND team. NO MIRACLES COINS RECEIVED
  6. Try to off ur online certificate check, ,coz i had same prob b4, , ,
  7. hahaha, , pm po kta nhyne, pag naglevel up , :D
  8. Sexy warrior is a: Red bikini with initials of WarSpear "WS" in each brassiere cap Red helmet w/golden tiara (crystal inspired look ) Gold bracers w/ initials made of ruby stones Golden zigzag belt w/ a cloth in the middle Khee-high red boots And a (leafy inspired look) red cape
  9. there's always a bug after update or maintenance. . . . Omg. . .bug never ends :!
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